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Answering the Bell: On Inauguration Security Patrol with the Coast Guard

A behind-the-scenes look at what inaugural security is like from the water.

Saturday - 01/19/2013, 03:44pm EST

Tags: jj green, Coast Guard, inauguration, inauguration security,


CHART: Threats to the United States

WTOP takes a look at the threats perceived to be facing the U.S. in previous years and those thought to be facing the country now.

Friday - 09/14/2012, 06:53am EDT

Tags: j.j. green, The Situation, Michael Hayden

What Clapper doesn't know keeps him up at night

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper talks exclusively with WTOP's J.J. Green about evolving modern national security threats.

Wednesday - 07/11/2012, 08:21am EDT

Tags: jj green, James Clapper


Lie detectors, intense scrutiny ahead for suspected leakers

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper announced two immediate steps to help protect critical national security information from unauthorized disclosures.

Tuesday - 06/26/2012, 03:40am EDT

Tags: j.j. green, James Clapper,


Terrorists eye small airplanes

Al-Qaida's most recent edition of Inspire magazine urges sympathizers to take advantage of opportunities to attack Americans in the U.S. homeland, using whatever means necessary.

Monday - 05/07/2012, 04:20am EDT

Tags: Fred Burton, Mike Braun, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Jay Joseph, al-Qaida, jj green,

Ex-intelligence official admits to defrauding govt

The former acting intelligence director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the Homeland Security Department has pleaded guilty to defrauding the government of more than $180,000.

Tuesday - 05/01/2012, 04:42pm EDT

Tags: intelligence, James Woosley

Medal of Honor recipient: Panetta trips a 'boondoggle'

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta might be reassessing his costly trips to the West Coast, but some in the armed forces remained stunned by their hefty price tag.

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 11:22am EDT

Tags: Leon Panetta, jack jacobs


Countdown to a digital Pearl Harbor

Despite numerous warnings from top intelligence officials, the U.S. government doesn't have a plan yet to confront a massive, malicious cyber-threat.

Tuesday - 04/03/2012, 07:14am EDT

Tags: Yael Shahar, James Clapper, jj green, cybersecurity, cyber attack, National Counterintelligence Executive


New national counterintelligence chief named

Frank Montoya, Jr.'s appointment comes at a critical time, as cyber-attacks on U.S government and commercial systems are at an all-time high.

Wednesday - 02/22/2012, 04:05pm EST

Tags: Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive, j.j. green, Frank Montoya, Jr.

Al-Qaida: The end in sight

There is widespread agreement that al-Qaida's reign is over. It's just a matter of time before the remaining leaders and fighters are killed, captured or give up.

Friday - 01/27/2012, 09:37am EST

Tags: al-Qaida, Osama Bin Laden, j.j. green, counterterrorism

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