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Short naps: Best way to stay ahead of sleep deficits

Sleep deprivation can increase stress and make people overly emotional and less focused. But the best way to stay ahead of sleep deficits may be to take short naps.

Tuesday - 05/21/2013, 07:53am EDT

Tags: Kristi King, sleep, napping, sleep deprivation

What your brain is doing while you nap

The right side of the brain goes into overdrive while napping compared to its neighboring left hemisphere.

Tuesday - 10/23/2012, 04:20am EDT

Tags: brain, Georgetown University Medical Center

Daytime naps could ruin a good night's sleep

A nap sure sounds good when you feeling like you're dragging during the day, but think again before taking that snooze.

Wednesday - 01/11/2012, 06:01am EST

Tags: Health, sleep