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Franchot parody hooks up Marylanders with unclaimed money (Video)

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot created a parody video to encourage people to find out whether they have unclaimed funds in old bank accounts or stocks.

Thursday - 05/16/2013, 04:37am EDT

Tags: kate ryan, Peter Franchot, unclaimed property, parody, bank accounts

View from Venus: It's the money, honey

What causes couples to stress out? Number one is money, according to the 2012 Stress in America survey.

Sunday - 03/31/2013, 07:48am EDT

Tags: stress, work, economy, American Psychological Association, relationships, view from venus

View from Venus: To prenup or not to prenup?

Larry Bodine, editor in chief of, says it's a good idea to get a prenup whether you're spouse is sitting on assets or debt.

Sunday - 02/17/2013, 01:07pm EST

Tags: relationships, marriage, couples, lawyer, view from venus, Randi Martin

View from Venus: Saving money in the new year is easier than you think

From turning off the lights when you leave a room to brewing your own coffee at home, here are some easy tips to save money this year.

Sunday - 01/06/2013, 01:09pm EST

Tags: New Year, resolutions, view from venus, Randi Martin

New fee and new feature for Parkmobile users

Parkmobile users listen up: You're about to be charged more.

Friday - 10/26/2012, 07:14am EDT

Tags: Parkmobile, del walters, parking, Free financial planning

This completely free financial planning site offers a way to combine financial accounts in one place to make monitoring easier and savings goals more attainable.

Wednesday - 09/26/2012, 04:16am EDT

Tags: mint, lacey mason, financial planning, website of the week, Finances

Report: Child care costs exceed housing costs for most

For half of the country, child care costs exceed that of an average year of in-state tuition at a public university and the cost of rent, a report released this week says.

Friday - 08/17/2012, 11:02am EDT

Tags: child care, parenting, kids

Loudoun County, D.C. see jump in median income

New U.S. Census data suggest some areas in the D.C. region are doing better than others.

Monday - 05/28/2012, 04:52am EDT

Tags: income, Census, U.S. Census, Neal Augenstein, The Examiner

Breaking the Starbucks habit can save thousands a year

According to our unscientific survey, WTOP staffers are saving $14.12 a week by not making a daily trip to Starbucks.

Saturday - 03/31/2012, 12:56pm EDT

Tags: Starbucks, coffee,

No long term planning for transportation money

Tolls, naming rights and fare increases are all proposed as a way of feeding new money into local transportation. But in the long run, it may be just pocket change.

Sunday - 01/22/2012, 03:13pm EST

Tags: transportation, Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments Transportation, Ron Kirby, Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act

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