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Tips on getting rid of those stinking stink bugs

All of the stink bugs that snuck inside your house last fall to hibernate are now waking up and coming out of hiding to crawl all over your morning bowl of Lucky Charms. What can you do?

Thursday - 03/15/2012, 03:38pm EDT

Tags: Mike McGrath, stinkbug, garden plot

Don't let spring fever lead you astray

WTOP Garden Editor Mike McGrath will appear Saturday and Sunday, March 10 and 11, at the Fairfax Home Show on the Annandale campus of Northern Virginia Community College.

Friday - 03/09/2012, 12:34pm EST

Tags: Mike McGrath, garden plot, lawn care


Timing is everything: Crabgrass and cherry trees

The ideal time to apply corn gluten to prevent crabgrass is generally when the local forsythia blooms, but it is always when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees, as measured 4 inches down.

Friday - 03/02/2012, 10:54am EST

Tags: Mike McGrath, gardening, garden plot, crabgrass, corn gluten


Lawn care time is a-comin'

The only safe and sensible time to sow cool season grass seed is mid-August, when the soil is perfectly warm and the next nine months will be nice and cool.

Friday - 02/24/2012, 01:44pm EST

Tags: Mike McGrath, lawn care, garden plot

Getting roses for Valentine's Day? Know the language of flowers

In the Victorian secret language known as the "Floral Code," each kind and color of posie holds a specific meaning. Roses in general do mean love, but the key to what kind of love is in the color.

Friday - 02/10/2012, 10:16am EST

Tags: Mike McGrath, improve, Flower Code, valentine


Keeping your lawn on drugs will cost you $4 billion

Local lawmakers acknowledge that legal limitations on fertilizer used by homeowners would lead to cleaner water essentially for free, but that such actions "face strong opposition from fertilizer lobbies."

Friday - 02/03/2012, 03:40pm EST

Tags: lawn care, Chesapeake Bay, weeds, Mike McGrath, garden plot


Garden Plot: This is the year to get your lawn off drugs

I hope this will be the year we help lots of listeners get their lawns off drugs. We'll discuss compost feeding in depth in the coming weeks.

Friday - 01/27/2012, 07:59am EST

Tags: Plants, gnats, lawn care, fruit trees, Mike McGrath

Early spring bulbs, controlling crabgrass & ... cohabitation?

Although our weird winter weather has a lot of bulbs behaving badly, there's no real danger. Those leaves are full of nature's finest antifreeze, and the all-important flower stems are still safely underground.

Friday - 01/20/2012, 02:01am EST

Tags: garden plot, Mike McGrath

Time for McGrath's annual seed catalog roundup

We always clue our listeners in to the money-saving deals that some seed catalogs offer as an incentive to get people to order before the big springtime crush, but I've never seen an offer like this in my 20 plus years of garden reporting.

Friday - 01/13/2012, 09:56am EST

Tags: garden plot, Mike McGrath

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