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Panel approves medical marijuana regulations

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 05:00pm EST


Battle for pot not over; D.C. takes fight to the Hill

D.C. voters overwhelmingly said "yes" to legalizing marijuana Tuesday. But members of Congress are already saying "not so fast."

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 09:45pm EST

Tags: initiative 71, pot legalization, D.C. elections, Andy Harris, andrew mollenbeck

D.C. mayor-elect says no to unregulated legal pot

The mayor-elect in the nation's capital says she won't allow an initiative legalizing marijuana to take effect until D.C. has a system in place to tax and regulate the drug.

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 05:50pm EST

Tags: pot legalization, Muriel Bowser, initiative 71

DC Council approves record sealing for pot crimes

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 03:10pm EDT

Tags: D.C. Council, pot

Local pot laws change this week

Starting Wednesday, Oct. 1, possessing a small amount of marijuana will no longer be a crime.

Monday - 09/29/2014, 08:05am EDT

Tags: Nick Iannelli, Maryland, pot, SB 364

Keeping kids away from pot brownies

It is an unintended consequence for the states that have legalized pot: More children showing up in emergency rooms. But it's not for smoking pot -- it's eating it.

Sunday - 09/21/2014, 03:30am EDT

Tags: weed, pot, pot brownies, edible marijuana, Randi Martin

Parenting and pot: When should the conversation start?

In November, D.C. voters get to cast their ballots on the legalization of marijuana. And if local parents in the metro area are putting off that drug talk, experts say it's time to start.

Saturday - 09/20/2014, 10:00am EDT

Tags: parenting, Randi Martin, pot, health


2 arrested for drugs after Md. traffic stop

Wednesday - 09/10/2014, 08:40am EDT

Tags: Washington County,

DC: So far no one has paid marijuana fine

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 10:38am EDT

Tags: D.C.,

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