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FTC wants dealers to provide more details on used cars

The Federal Trade Commission wants details about any warranty that comes with a used car to be displayed on its "buyer's guide" sticker.

Monday - 12/10/2012, 04:38am EST

Tags: ftc, cars

Gaza Strip violence sparks D.C. protests

Activists from both sides of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict gathered outside the White House on Thursday, chanting, singing and, at times, shouting at each other Thursday night.

Friday - 11/16/2012, 04:24am EST

Tags: gaza strip, palestinians, george washington university

Petraeus scandal proves there is no private Internet life

"We're not as private as we think we are," says online privacy expert Cole Stryker, author of the book "Hacking the Future."

Thursday - 11/15/2012, 05:11am EST

Tags: internet security

The best and worst of James Bond's cars

Bond is known as much for his flashy cars as much as he is for his sexy women and the ability to get out of a sticky situation with ease and grace.

Sunday - 11/11/2012, 08:50am EST

Tags: James Bond, aston martin, Skyfall

D.C. area preps for Inauguration Day

As the D.C. area prepares for Inauguration Day in January, many are hoping to have a better experience this time than attendees did four years ago.

Saturday - 11/10/2012, 08:24am EST

Tags: inauguration, Inauguration Weekend, 3rd street tunnel

Facebook offers users tutorial on privacy

Facebook is offering users a tutorial on privacy rights as the site has fallen under recent criticism over what information is public and what is private.

Sunday - 11/04/2012, 07:51am EST

Tags: Facebook,

Metro board member: Speaker systems must be improved

In the event of an emergency, Metro board member Tom Downs says it is important that riders can access the Internet and social media websites like Twitter for news and information. Meanwhile, Metro says it is working to eliminate dead spots for cellphone and Internet service.

Thursday - 10/11/2012, 04:06pm EDT

Tags: Metro, Red line,

Snow dump predicted for D.C. winter

With persistent heat bearing down on the D.C. area this summer, the last thing on anyone's mind is a snowstorm. But that's what one weather service is now warning about.

Friday - 08/17/2012, 08:54am EDT

Tags: AccuWeather, snow, weather, Chris Naille, abc7

Demonstrating an emergency sends a strong message in 'Pipetown'

"Off!" shouted a utility worker wearing goggles and a full protective suit. Thanks to his careful maneuvering, gas had stopped blowing out of a ruptured line in the ground.

Friday - 08/10/2012, 05:07pm EDT

Tags: gas pipe, Washington Gas, Department of Transportation

Report: U.S. working more hours, world working fewer

For the second year in a row, the average hours worked by Americans has increased.

Monday - 07/30/2012, 06:02am EDT

Tags: employment, economy, 24/7 Wall St.

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