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Fluctuating prices could be coming to a store near you

Online shoppers know prices fluctuate. Now brick- and-mortar stores are starting to experiment with the same instant price changes.

Friday - 09/07/2012, 07:09am EDT

Tags: market watch, Amazon, price changes, Jeanne Meserve, shopping

Success lies in first hour at work

What's the secret to a positive work experience? Successful people say it's all in the first hour.

Wednesday - 08/29/2012, 05:32am EDT

Tags: Fast Company, work, success, Jeanne Meserve

Technology can damage unwitting kids' eyes

Portable technology is taking its toll on children's eyes. Kids complaining of eye discomfort and fatigue, blurry vision and headaches might be suffering from computer vision syndrome.

Tuesday - 08/28/2012, 07:24am EDT

Tags: Computer fatigue syndrome, Jeanne Meserve, American Optometric Association, computer vision syndrome

Study: Credit cards vary on rental car coverage

Insurance for rental cars may be covered if drivers use certain credit cards to pay, but coverage is more complicated than a simple swipe.

Wednesday - 08/08/2012, 11:24am EDT

Tags: visa,, American Express, mastercard, discover, Jeanne Meserve

Families find creative ways to pay for college

Alternative ways to finance education include tuition installment plans, home-equity loans and zero-interest loans from colleges.

Monday - 08/06/2012, 03:43am EDT

Tags: Jeanne Meserve, college tuition

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