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Some states could take over operation of national parks

Closed national parks and monuments are one of the most visible signs of the government shutdown. They've also been the subject of many protests.

Friday - 10/11/2013, 06:07pm EDT

Tags: Hank Silverberg, shutdown, national parks, Shenandoah National Park

Local food banks could see demand spike if shutdown lingers

If the stalemate on Capitol Hill cuts off federal food assistance programs, area food banks could bare the brunt of feeding hungry families in the D.C. region beginning in November.

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 05:02am EDT

Tags: Capital Area Food Bank, food stamps, wic, Food banks, hunger, shutdown, Hank Silverberg

Simple changes can reduce electricity costs 10 percent

An energy vampire in your house is sucking your wallet dry. But you can drive a stake into it and reduce your energy costs by 10 percent with just a little effort.

Wednesday - 10/09/2013, 02:00pm EDT

Tags: electricity, appliances, cellphones, reducing power costs, reducing electric bill, NOVEC, Hank Silverberg

Va. delegate wants federal workers protected from debt collection

Virginia Del. Bob Marshall, R-Manassas, doesn't want to see federal workers who live in Virginia end up in court for debt collections because of the government shutdown, so he will propose legislation to give feds a break.

Tuesday - 10/08/2013, 01:32pm EDT

Tags: shutdown, government shutdown, Bob Marshall, federal workers, Hank Silverberg

Gas prices continue downward trend

Drivers can expect even lower gas prices this week than the week before. The weather, in addition to the worry over the economy under government shutdown mode, is to blame.

Monday - 10/07/2013, 04:51am EDT

Tags: gas prices, AAA Mid-Atlantic, Hank Silverberg


Poll on Va. governor's race shows widening gap

Another poll on the Virginia governor's race shows the gap between the candidates widening.

Sunday - 10/06/2013, 12:03pm EDT

Tags: Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe, Robert Sarvis, virginia governor race, Hank Silverberg

Long shutdown could lead to real hardship in affluent suburbs

There are some visible signs of the federal government shutdown outside Washington. Some scenic bypasses are closed and Gravelly Park along the George Washington Parkway is closed. But the real pain outside of downtown D.C. may not show up for a week or two if the shutdown lasts a while.

Thursday - 10/03/2013, 05:21am EDT

Tags: Sharon Bulova, shutdown, Hank Silverberg, Fairfax County, government shutdown

Food trucks, street vendors hard hit by shutdown

Food trucks and street vendors that are part of the everyday landscape of D.C. are finding sales way off because of the federal shutdown.

Wednesday - 10/02/2013, 01:51pm EDT

Tags: shutdown, government shutdown, food trucks, street vendors, Smithsonian, White House, Hank Silverberg

Premature baby born after Va. crash dies

A baby born prematurely after a car crash Sunday morning has died. The crash also killed a 44-year-old driver.

Monday - 09/30/2013, 03:13pm EDT

Tags: Hank Silverberg, fatal accident, fatal crash, premature births

Affordable Care Act could lead to doctor shortage

How long does it take you to get an appointment with your doctor? If the Affordable Care Act goes into effect Jan. 1, 2014, as planned, bringing an estimated 20 million people into the health care system, it could take longer.

Monday - 09/30/2013, 07:58am EDT

Tags: Hank Silverberg, Affordable Care Act, doctors

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