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May sky show

If the clouds clear for Mother's Day, be sure to take a peek in the western sky after sunset.

Saturday - 05/11/2013, 11:26pm EDT

Tags: Jupiter, Venus, moon, astronomy, Greg Redfern, Mother

Comet from depths of solar system to be briefly visible

This week, the western sky will have a visitor from the depths of the outer solar system: the Comet PanSTARRS.

Tuesday - 03/12/2013, 09:40pm EDT

Tags: Greg Redfern, The Space Place, COMET

Voyager 1 set to make interstellar history

Voyager - The Interstellar Mission, is designed to find out where the limits of the Sun's influence ends and true interstellar space begins.

Sunday - 06/24/2012, 02:31pm EDT

Tags: Greg Redfern

Venus crosses the Sun in once-in-a-lifetime event

Venus last transited the Sun in 2004 and will not do so again until 2117, so it is literally a once- in-a-lifetime event.

Monday - 06/04/2012, 01:11am EDT

Tags: Greg Redfern, The Space Place, Venus

The 'Supermoon' and Venus head toward the Sun

On May 20 there will be an annular eclipse of the Sun that will be visible for much of the globe, but not the easternmost U.S. In an annular eclipse the New Moon cannot cover the Sun completely so a "ring" is seen around the Sun.

Sunday - 05/13/2012, 02:56pm EDT

Tags: Greg Redfern, The Space Place

Did the Moon sink the Titanic?

There are astronomical aspects to the sinking of Titanic that have come forward on the 100th anniversary and they involve the Moon.

Sunday - 04/15/2012, 10:10am EDT

Tags: The Space Place, Greg Redfern, Titanic

Venus and Jupiter waltz toward one another this week

The wait is over as the two brightest planets in the sky, Venus and Jupiter, will waltz their way toward one another in the western sky this week. For months the two planetary luminaries have been edging closer and closer together with Venus being the lower and brighter of the two.

Sunday - 03/11/2012, 12:36pm EDT

Tags: The Space Place, Greg Redfern, Jupiter, Venus

Beautiful sky show underway

The skies are supposed to be clear Monday, so swing by the George Mason University Observatory for Public Night at 6:45 p.m.

Sunday - 02/19/2012, 07:02pm EST

Tags: space place, Greg Redfern, science

A crowded universe

For many years, astronomers thought it to be a good possibility that planets other than those in our own solar system existed around other stars. The problem was that they needed proof to confirm the theory and exoplanet ponderings. It took the decades-long technological evolution of our instruments, telescopes, computers and eventually spacecraft for astronomers to get into the realm of exoplanets.

Monday - 01/23/2012, 09:18am EST

Tags: space place, Greg Redfern, Earth, galaxy, exoplanet

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