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Food safety tips for those holiday dinner leftovers

any remnants of the Thanksgiving meal still in the refrigerator need to be pitched or moved to the freezer.

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 12:21pm EST

Tags: turkey, leftovers, Thanksgiving dinner, Paula Wolfson

Five-second rule not just a myth

The "five-second rule" is more than an old wives' tale, according to a new study.

Saturday - 03/22/2014, 04:54pm EDT

Tags: bacteria, five-second rule

Non-GMO Cheerios: What it means for consumers

Original Cheerios made from non-GMO ingredients will soon appear on store shelves. Food expert Mary Beth Albright explains what all the fuss is about.

Sunday - 01/05/2014, 03:35am EST

Tags: GMOs, cereal, cheerios, Mary Beth Albright


Tips for safely storing and reheating all those leftovers

A lot of refrigerators are stuffed the morning after Thanksgiving with all kinds of remnants of the big holiday meal. Storing all that food properly is important.

Friday - 11/29/2013, 05:03am EST

Tags: leftovers, Thanksgiving dinner, Paula Wolfson,

Consumer group fights with USDA over food safety

A consumer advocacy group is petitioning the U.S. Department of Agriculture to halt a pilot program aimed at improving the efficiency of meat industry inspections because the group says it will make meat unfit for consumption.

Friday - 09/27/2013, 05:16pm EDT

Tags: USDA food inspections, meat processing, consumer protection,, Kate Ryan

New rules could mean less food trucks on D.C. streets

If a number of new proposals are passed in the District, it could change where you grab a quick lunch.

Saturday - 05/11/2013, 08:20pm EDT

Tags: food trucks, D.C. City Council

Tips on storing Thanksgiving leftovers from a master chef

After the turkey and trimmings comes the dreaded Thanksgiving clean-up. And when it comes to storing leftovers, we can all learn from a master chef.

Thursday - 11/22/2012, 06:36am EST

Tags: Thanksgiving, turkey, cooking, Paula Wolfson, food,

Thousands eat Anacostia fish despite health risks, warnings

A new study finds more education, outreach needed to prevent anglers from eating fish caught in the Anacostia River.

Friday - 11/16/2012, 06:25am EST

Tags: anacostia Riverkeeper, Mike Bolinder, fishing, Anacostia River, pollution,

Best tactics for keeping frozen food fresh

Groceries are expensive these days, and it is more important than ever to know how to keep every morsel safe and fresh.

Sunday - 04/29/2012, 02:48pm EDT

Tags: grocery, freezer, temperature

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