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Professional secrets for a summer stomach, Part 2

In the second half of this series, we'll touch on how to achieve an awesome, time efficient and safe core workout.

Monday - 04/22/2013, 10:38am EDT

Tags: workout, Josef Brandenburg, The Body You Want, ab, core, stomach

Professional secrets for a summer stomach, Part 1

The Great Unveiling (Memorial Day weekend) is just days away -- and the body part most people are concerned about is the stomach.

Monday - 04/15/2013, 09:18am EDT

Tags: abs, Josef Brandenburg, Results Fitness, The Body You Want

Working out the Amish way

Bucky Mitchell, the Amish Trainer, combines his Amish background with fitness training to create his own healthy lifestyle.

Thursday - 04/11/2013, 08:38am EDT

Tags: Amish trainer, Vida Fitness, health, workout, food, meditation, yoga, Alex Beall

Spring forward to your summer body in 30 minutes or less

Believe it or not, spring is officially 25 percent over, which means summer is right around the corner. Here are some workout tips for how to achieve your ideal summer body.

Monday - 04/08/2013, 11:21am EDT

Tags: running, hill sprints, Josef Brandenburg, Results Fitness

Losing weight: What not to do

When trying to lose weight, there are many things that you can do. You can increase your physical activity, make healthier food choices and cut out sugary beverages. However, there are also things you should not do to lose weight. Personal trainer Lisa Reed has some tips.

Thursday - 04/04/2013, 02:38pm EDT

Tags: Lisa Reed, weight loss, tips

Get a workout and help the hungry at the D.C. Protein Food Drive

Most food drives collect items loaded in carbohydrates, but low-income families really need food rich in protein. So one D.C. fitness trainer is starting a Protein Food Drive in April.

Monday - 04/01/2013, 09:30am EDT

Tags: food donations, protein, exercise, workout, Josef Brandenburg

7 tips to keep up your New Year's resolutions

It's been seven weeks since the ball dropped. If your New Years resolutions are starting to slip away, here are seven ways to keep them going.

Saturday - 02/23/2013, 09:51am EST

Tags: exercise, personal trainer, New Years, resolutions, Lisa Reed

The dangers of workout supplement Jack3d

Consuming the dietary supplement Jack3d and then working out is a "disaster waiting to happen," according to local fitness trainers.

Saturday - 02/23/2013, 07:58am EST

Tags: workout, exercise, dietary supplement, Fairfax Hackley, Randi Martin

2-way video brings personal trainer to you (VIDEO)

A new, two-way video fitness program, called Wello allows you to select a workout with a live trainer, who will design a plan for you and monitor your workout.

Thursday - 02/21/2013, 07:37am EST

Tags: Neal Augenstein, personal trainer, exercise

Fitness fallout: More quit going to gyms

Feb. 7 is when the greatest number of people quit using gym memberships purchased at New Year's, according to Gold's Gym.

Thursday - 02/07/2013, 11:06am EST

Tags: Kristi King, Gold

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