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Contractors could be sent home if government shuts down

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees around the country could be furloughed if the federal government shuts down. But they're not the only ones whose jobs would be at risk. Federal contractors' jobs depend on the government operations too.

Wednesday - 09/25/2013, 07:20am EDT

Tags: shutdown, federal contractors, Francis Rose, Federal News Radio, furloughs, Congress, Joan Jones


Less traffic, Metro riders expected with federal furloughs

Commuting this week may seem more like the dog days of August when everybody is out of town on vacation.

Tuesday - 07/09/2013, 05:44am EDT

Tags: Metro, traffic, AAA Mid-Atlantic, sequestration, furloughs, Hank Silverberg

Man sentencing for embezzling $400,000

Wednesday - 04/03/2013, 09:58pm EDT

Tags: Ellicott City, Md., Crime, embezzling

Telecommuting debate: Pros and cons for federal workers

When bad weather strikes the D.C. metro area, the federal government can shut down. But that doesn't mean federal workers are off the hook.

Saturday - 03/09/2013, 04:06pm EST

Tags: Jamie Forzato, telecommuting,

Metro to lose millions from sequestration

Metro could lose millions in federal grants used to make repairs and improvements if the sequester takes effect. Fare revenue is also likely to drop as fewer federal employees take Metro to work.

Thursday - 02/28/2013, 08:55pm EST

Tags: Metro, federal grants, sequestration

Presidents rarely offer feds day off for New Year's Eve

Now that President Obama has issued an executive order giving most executive branch employees off Monday for Christmas Eve, will he also grant them the day off on New Year's Eve?

Sunday - 12/23/2012, 07:23am EST

Tags: federal holidays, executive orders, Barack obama, max smith, New Years

Executive order closes federal offices Monday

Federal agencies and departments are closed by executive order on Monday, Dec. 24. The closure does not affect the USPS.

Friday - 12/21/2012, 05:02pm EST


NASA workers are most satisfied federal employees

Overall, federal workers say they like their careers.

Tuesday - 11/27/2012, 10:32am EST

Tags: job satisfaction, NASA, Jeanne Meserve, Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, lacey mason,

WTOP Beltway Poll: Half in region see widespread abuse in federal gov't

Fifty-five percent of respondents believe there is widespread abuse in the federal government, according to the poll conducted by Heart+Mind Strategies between May 11 and May 18. Two- thirds of those polled, however, say their view of federal workers hasn't been further dampened by Secret Service agents soliciting prostitutes while on duty in Colombia or lavish spending at a General Services Administration conference in Las Vegas.

Wednesday - 05/30/2012, 08:36am EDT

Tags: wtop beltway poll, Secret Service

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