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Group seeks investigation of veteran's detention

A civil liberties group has asked Virginia's inspector general to investigate last month's detention of a former Marine who posted strident anti-government messages on Facebook.

Friday - 09/28/2012, 04:06pm EDT

Tags: Facebook, Marine, First Amendment

Md. dad's photos prove he's 'World's Best'

A Maryland dad might prove he's the world's best father by showing he's the worst.

Thursday - 09/27/2012, 10:37am EDT

Tags: Kickstarter, The Huffington Post, Facebook, Dave Engledow

New feature may eliminate 'Facebook stalking'

Changes being implemented by Facebook may make users think twice before searching for their ex or their newest crush.

Monday - 09/24/2012, 06:50am EDT

Tags: Facebook, Facebook stalking, max smith

Your face could get you a discount (VIDEO)

What if your face could get you a discount?

Thursday - 08/16/2012, 07:31am EDT

Tags: Facebook, facial recognition, Redpepper, facedeals

Report: Facebook may soon let users edit status updates

A long-awaited change may soon be coming to Facebook -- the ability to edit status updates.

Sunday - 08/05/2012, 09:39am EDT

Tags: Facebook, Los Angeles Times, social networking

Virginia storm knocks out servers for 3 websites

Netflix and Pinterest restored service by Saturday afternoon. Instagram engineers are working to restore service but no data was lost. The three websites are customers of Amazon Inc.'s web services division.

Saturday - 06/30/2012, 03:35pm EDT

Tags: pinterest, Netflix, Facebook

Millennials gravitate to sites other than Facebook

Facebook used to be the cool, hip social media site, much like Myspace was when it started. For Facebook, that could soon change, as the Millennial generation starts to gravitate away from it.

Friday - 06/22/2012, 11:07am EDT

Tags: Facebook


Social media 'likes' may not be safe in the workplace

Social media is getting some employees in big trouble. Even a simple "Like" can cue a boss to drop the axe.

Thursday - 06/07/2012, 07:00am EDT

Tags: david burd, Facebook, marketwatch, Ruth Mantell, social media, National Labor Relations Act, constitution

'Thinspiration' photo trend sparks concern

Facebook and Pinterest are great for sharing information and pictures among friends. But a recent trend of posted pictures is causing alarm.

Tuesday - 06/05/2012, 04:59am EDT

Tags: thinspiration, Facebook, Twitter, National Eating Disorders Association, Randi Martin

Privacy concerns drive 1 in 4 Facebook users to lie

One in four Facebook users admitted they don't tell the whole truth on their profiles. But their lies are not over relationships and status updates. Users say they're lying to protect their privacy.

Monday - 05/07/2012, 01:30pm EDT

Tags: Facebook, Consumer Reports, privacy, Consumer privacy, Google, app, Mark Zuckerberg

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