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Snowden: 'I'd like to go home'

He told anchorman Brian Williams of NBC News that he had taken action in the belief that he was serving his country in exposing the surveillance programs of the NSA.

Thursday - 05/29/2014, 08:30pm EDT


Director of National Intelligence hopeful increased security, audits can stop leaks

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, speaks with WTOP's National Security Correspondent J.J. Green.

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 08:03am EDT

Tags: JJ Green, National Security, James Clapper

Journalist involved in NSA leak to win UGA award

The journalist most associated with the coverage of Edward Snowden's leak of phone and Internet surveillance by the National Security Agency will be this year's recipient of the University of Georgia's McGill Medal for Journalistic Courage.

Tuesday - 04/01/2014, 11:57am EDT

Tags: Glenn Greenwald,

Beltway Poll: Area reacts to security breaches

In the past few months, millions of people had personal and financial information stolen because of security lapses at retailers and universities.

Wednesday - 03/19/2014, 10:18am EDT

Tags: wtop beltway poll, security breach, Target, identity theft, Dick Uliano,


Company sells Edward Snowden action figures

Kids can play "whistleblowing" with their very own Edward Snowden action figure thanks to a company's newest creation.

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 10:47am EST

Tags: nsa,, action figure, Sarah Beth Hensley

NSA official: 'We're not big brother'

NSA officials want Americans to understand that the organization doesn't have time and doesn't care about their personal communications.

Thursday - 10/31/2013, 06:53am EDT

Tags: nsa, JJ Green, National Security, lonny anderson, vanee vines, spying

Hundreds rally for reformed NSA activities at Capitol

Amid new reports of NSA activity abroad, hundreds gathered for a rally outside the Capitol Saturday.

Saturday - 10/26/2013, 05:16pm EDT

Tags: nsa, Stop Watching Us Rally


Pro-Snowden signs posted at Pentagon Metro station (VIDEO)

A coalition of current and former military members, police and other public officials have posted three back-lit signs at the Pentagon Metro station in support of NSA-leaker Edward Snowden and urging military personnel to uphold their oath to the U.S. Constitution.

Monday - 07/29/2013, 02:05pm EDT

Tags: nsa, pentagon, Metro, Kathy Stewart


Pro-Snowden recruiting billboard at Pentagon Metro stop (Video)

A pro-Edward Snowden message is showing up near the Pentagon.

Monday - 07/29/2013, 01:59pm EDT

Tags: ABC 7

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