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USGS: Glut of quakes likely manmade, fracking possible cause

Last year saw a sharp rise in 3.0-magnitude quakes or stronger in the U.S. midcontinent, a continuing trend that prompted the U.S. Geological Survey -- the government's main source for Earth sciences -- to investigate the root cause.

Monday - 04/16/2012, 02:51pm EDT

Tags: USGS, fracking, quake, Bill Ellsworth, David J. Hayes, Paul D. Shinkman

Experts survey the National Mall for sinkage

Experts are trying to determine whether the National Mall and the nation's monuments are sinking and whether the August earthquake made it worse.

Friday - 03/30/2012, 04:12am EDT

Tags: Washington Monument, National Mall,

Aftershocks from 2011 quake continue in Va.

Virginia continues to experience aftershocks from last summer's earthquake.

Monday - 03/26/2012, 01:24pm EDT

Tags: U.S. Geological Survey, Mineral, Va.

3.1-mag. shakes Va.; roughly 100th since last summer

A magnitude 3.1 earthquake struck just outside Mineral, Va. late Sunday night.

Monday - 03/26/2012, 06:44am EDT

Tags: Mineral, Va., Orange County, Spotsylvania County,

Climbing National Cathedral tower to the bells (VIDEO)

Washington National Cathedral opened its central tower, which sustained significant damage during last year's August earthquake, for one day to visitors.

Sunday - 03/25/2012, 10:36am EDT

Tags: National Cathedral, Jamie Forzato,


Quake fixes at Baltimore Basilica could cost $5M

Baltimore Catholic archdiocese officials say earthquake damage to a dome at the 200-year-old Basilica of the Assumption could cost $5 million to repair.

Thursday - 03/22/2012, 09:33pm EDT

Tags: Baltimore Basilica

WTOP's Top 5 morning stories

Five stories to keep you informed and get you going.

Wednesday - 03/21/2012, 09:17am EDT

Tags: morning stories, Virginia General Assembly, Toulouse, shooting, Casablanca

Church still repairing after earthquake (VIDEO)

Inside the sanctuary of the 82-year-old National City Christian Church, the damage is clear: a three-foot hole inside one of the plaster tiles above the altar, and atop the columns that surround the church's huge pipe organ, cracks are visible in the plaster capitals.

Wednesday - 03/21/2012, 06:17am EDT

Tags: National City Christian Church, nathan hager,

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