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Doctors: Healthy diet can ward off Alzheimer's

Brain food isn't just about powering through a test or a grueling day at work. Doctors say certain healthy foods can also help ward off Alzheimer's disease.

Wednesday - 05/08/2013, 10:53am EDT

Tags: brain, paula wolfson, Alzheimer


How a high-protein breakfast could help you lose weight

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you're trying to lose weight -- better pack it with protein.

Monday - 04/08/2013, 12:51pm EDT

Tags: protein, weight loss, food cravings, del walters

Ask Dr. Pawz: How to get a lazy, fat cat to lose weight?

In this week's Ask Dr. Pawz, Katy Nelson shares what you can do to get your cat to lose weight and how to tell the age of an adopted pet.

Wednesday - 02/13/2013, 11:56am EST

Tags: pets, puppies, cats, dogs, veterinarian, animal shelter, washington humane society, Dr. Pawz, Katy Nelson

Alcohol in diet soda gets you drunker faster

Drinkers who mix their alcohol with diet soda become intoxicated faster with considerably higher breath alcohol content, according to researchers at North Kentucky University.

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 09:43am EST

Tags: alcohol, drinking, Northern Kentucky University, Nick Iannelli

Extra winter weight? Here's why

Have you packed on some pounds, this winter? There may be some science you can blame it on.

Friday - 02/01/2013, 02:00pm EST

Tags: darci marchese, serotonin

Consumer Reports ranks diets based on satisfaction

To lose weight, it helps to like your diet.

Wednesday - 01/02/2013, 02:48pm EST

Tags: Consumer Reports,

Restaurant focused on anti-inflammatory diet coming to D.C. area

True Food Kitchen, a restaurant that serves locally-grown foods and anti-inflammatory dishes in California and Arizona, is coming to the D.C. area.

Thursday - 12/13/2012, 06:49pm EST

Tags: restaurant, Andrew Weil, darci marchese


Eat more to lose more with these 10 superfoods

What you eat might be as important to losing weight as how many calories you consume.

Wednesday - 03/28/2012, 01:19pm EDT

Tags: Kristi King, lose weight

Fighting heart disease one snack at a time

Heart disease is deadly. It is also, in most cases, preventable.

Monday - 02/27/2012, 03:42am EST

Tags: Susan Bennett, heart disease, diabetes, paula wolfson, snacks,

WTOP saves your waistline when you dine out

Dining out often can take a bite out of your wallet and pack on the pounds.

Thursday - 02/23/2012, 04:36am EST

Tags: calories, nathan hager, restaurant

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