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Home sliced by falling tree is dangerous to public

A home in West Laurel is a danger to the public after strong winds sent a tree crashing into its roof like an ax.

Friday - 06/14/2013, 07:18am EDT

Tags: storm, storm damage, nick ianelli, laurel, Columbia

What exactly is a 'derecho'?

So you keep hearing about it, but what exactly is this thing called a "derecho"?

Thursday - 06/13/2013, 07:25am EDT


Hurricane season likely to be active

Hold on to your hat! Hurricane season is here. So what can you expect this year?

Thursday - 05/30/2013, 03:46pm EDT

Tags: hurricane, hurricane preparedness, NOAA, Kate Ryan

Pepco readies for hurricane season

With forecasters predicting an active hurricane season, Pepco's is bracing for the storms. But the company is still battling a public perception based on past storm response problems.

Thursday - 05/30/2013, 02:49am EDT

Tags: Pepco, hurricane preparedness, NOAA, Kate Ryan, Tom Graham


COG tells Verizon how to strengthen 911 service

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments voted Wednesday on a plant aimed at improving Verizon's delivery of 911 emergency phone service and prevent future outages like Northern Virginia experienced during last summer's Derecho.

Wednesday - 03/13/2013, 05:30pm EDT

Tags: COG, 911 outage, verizon

Fairfax looking to add 911 texting service

Fairfax County is considering updating its 911 emergency system to accept text messages sent to 911, with four major carriers already on board.

Saturday - 03/09/2013, 08:26am EST

Tags: 911, texting, Sharon Bulova, fcc

Va. commission says 911 outage was avoidable

A state commission says the 911 outage in Northern Virginia after last summer's derecho was caused by Verizon's failure to perform necessary maintenance.

Thursday - 01/17/2013, 05:15pm EST

Tags: verizon, 911 outage,

FCC to Verizon: Derecho 911 outage 'unacceptable'

A disruption in emergency services during the June derecho could been avoided. That is the finding of the Federal Communications Commission after looking into the Verizon outage that left more than 1 million people without 911 services.

Friday - 01/11/2013, 05:16am EST

Tags: verizon, fcc,

911 failures in D.C. region found over past 2 years

The Washington region's 911 emergency network has suffered widespread failures over the past two years according to a new analysis.

Sunday - 12/02/2012, 04:59pm EST

Tags: 911 outage,

911 still vulnerable to powerful storms

Two massive storms in the past five months have caused widespread outages and even an emergency system failure. The question now: Does new technology leave people more vulnerable to emergency system failures and the dangers that go with them?

Monday - 11/19/2012, 08:12am EST

Tags: superstorm Sandy, Hank Silverberg, Hurricane Sandy, verizon, 911

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