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Cheap pets: Companionship on a budget

Not all pets are created equal. Or, if they are, they sure don't cost the same.

Tuesday - 07/23/2013, 04:20am EDT

Tags: pets, cat

Fast food breakfast brings big bucks

Getting breakfast at a fast food restaurant used to be a novelty, but now it seems that everyone wants in the game.

Monday - 07/22/2013, 04:54am EDT

Tags: breakfast, mcdonalds, fast food, AdvertisingAge, Wendy

Column: How to haggle and save big

If you can buy it, you can haggle over it and save. Consumer Reports offers some tips how to negotiate for services and big purchases.

Tuesday - 07/16/2013, 05:15am EDT

Tags: haggling, Consumer Reports, shopping, utilities, WTOP Saves You Money

Innovation? Clap-Off bra

Get ready for the latest technological advancement in lingerie.

Monday - 07/15/2013, 06:27am EDT

Tags: bra, lingerie

Column: Tips to avoid dog bites

Dog lover, David Burd shares some tips on how to keep dogs from biting you.

Thursday - 07/11/2013, 05:32am EDT

Tags: dog bite, dogs

How to reduce those embarrassing Facebook moments

Facebook's new tool called Graph Search makes it easier for people to find information about you, including all of that information you might not want others to know. But you can lessen the pain of having the whole world see those posts.

Wednesday - 07/10/2013, 05:44am EDT

Tags: Facebook, graph search, slate magazine,

Pets don't feel the bite of down economy

While pet owners may suffer from economic times, their pets sure aren't.

Tuesday - 06/25/2013, 02:51pm EDT

Tags: pets, pet food, cats, dogs,

Employees need alternatives to sitting, AMA says

The American Medical Association says there is mounting evidence that sitting around for long periods of time is unhealthy. The AMA called on employers to find alternatives - including treadmills, standing work stations or isometric balls - to help their employees stay fit and healthy.

Monday - 06/24/2013, 04:26am EDT

Tags: work, sitting, exercise, American Medical Association, back problems, AMA,

Get ready to bring your pooch to work

Don't be bitter cat lovers. Friday is "Take Your Dog to Work Day."

Thursday - 06/20/2013, 06:58am EDT

Tags: take your dog to work day, pets, dogs

Frederick readies welcome mat for Gettysburg visitors

As the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg approaches, Frederick, Md., is prepared to lend its neighbor to the north a helping hand once again.

Tuesday - 06/18/2013, 06:04am EDT

Tags: travel, Civil War 150th Anniversary, Battle of Gettysburg, hotels, tourism, vacation, Frederick, Civil War

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