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Capitol Hill hearing examines mental health obstacles

Since the Newtown tragedy, the nation has looked for ways to help the mentally ill receive treatment, and a hearing this week on Capitol Hill explored options to improve access.

Saturday - 03/09/2013, 07:33am EST

Tags: mental illness, mental health, newtown

Clock is ticking on area snow shoveling requirements

While not everyone got blasted with the white stuff, they may still need to start shoveling away slush and ice - and the clock is ticking.

Thursday - 03/07/2013, 03:41am EST

Tags: snow, clearing snow from sidewalks

Mental health advocates wary of Md. gun control proposals

The largest advocacy group in the U.S. for people with mental illness has some serious concerns about the direction of proposed gun control bills in Maryland.

Tuesday - 03/05/2013, 03:29am EST

Tags: gun control, newtown, National Alliance on Mental Illness, mental health, Maryland General Assembly

Furlough FAQ: Appealing your furlough

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers may be put on notice that they could be furloughed in the event of sequestration.

Wednesday - 02/27/2013, 09:29am EST

Tags: Furlough FAQ, sequestration, appealing a furlough

Metro warns riders about increased iPod, cell thefts

In just 12 hours Wednesday, Metro received seven reports of electronic gadgets, six times the normal theft rate for the transit system. Metro officials are warning riders to guard their possession.

Friday - 02/22/2013, 08:35am EST

Tags: Metro, transit police, theft,

Office coffee cups harbor nasty germs

Here's an unsettling thought: the coffee mug you drink out of every day at work could be harboring a colony of germs.

Wednesday - 02/20/2013, 05:39am EST

Tags: germs, Charles Gerba, dirty sponges, coffee

Housing market less dependent on location

Fewer and fewer homes are going up for sale, and that low inventory is determining prices.

Wednesday - 02/13/2013, 08:25am EST

Tags: real estate, home sales

Extra winter weight? Here's why

Have you packed on some pounds, this winter? There may be some science you can blame it on.

Friday - 02/01/2013, 02:00pm EST

Tags: diet, serotonin

Chicken pox poses greater risk to adults

Chicken pox is considered a childhood disease but adults can contract the virus and health experts recommend that adults who managed to escape the itchy condition as a child be vaccinated to guard against the illness.

Wednesday - 01/30/2013, 01:43pm EST

Tags: vaccine, chicken pox, CDC, Barbara Walters,

Hot new home technologies plug in to your lifestyle (VIDEO)

Humans have yet to be "beamed" from room-to-room, but newly built homes are adapting the latest technology and embracing society's love for gadgets.

Tuesday - 01/29/2013, 05:04am EST

Tags: Home, gadgets, the International Builder’s Show, Leviton, General Electric

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