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3 strategies to pay off your credit cards

When you have a significant balance but insignificant funds, here are your options.

Monday - 10/20/2014, 11:15am EDT

Tags: debt

Obama's credit card rejected during NYC trip

He may be Commander in Chief, but President Barack Obama is not above having his credit card rejected.

Friday - 10/17/2014, 02:46pm EDT

Tags: President Barack Obama,

Credit card with keypad the card of the future?

A new type of credit card can deter card fraud.

Thursday - 03/20/2014, 11:37am EDT

Tags: fraud, Rohan Williamson, security

Bethesda to install credit card parking meters

Starting this week, drivers in Bethesda will be able to use their credit cards to pay for metered street parking.

Tuesday - 02/25/2014, 03:41am EST

Tags: Bethesda, parking meters

New method for credit-card sales on the way

A familiar ritual at the sales register will soon be going away, and the hope is the new routine will reduce fraud.

Monday - 02/10/2014, 05:30am EST

Tags: Dick Uliano, security, Wall Street Journal

Credit or debit? Financial experts say...

One way to pay for groceries and goods is safer than the other, according to financial experts.

Saturday - 02/08/2014, 11:20pm EST

Tags: debit card safety,

8 1/2 hours on hold: One woman's troubles with Target

Target is offering a 10 percent discount this weekend and free credit-monitoring to try to win over shoppers scared by the massive credit- and debit-card breach announced Thursday. But some customers are not in the mood to be won over yet.

Sunday - 12/22/2013, 10:28pm EST

Tags: Target, debit cards, security

Thousands of taxis have yet to install credit card readers

Thousands of D.C. cabs still have no credit card readers even though the deadline has passed. Drivers who obtained a waiver have until Sept. 30 to have the equipment installed.

Tuesday - 09/03/2013, 09:02pm EDT

Tags: taxis,

Not all D.C. cabs ready for credit cards

Passengers must wait a little longer before every D.C. taxicab is equipped with credit card readers. More than half of the city's cabs will not be ready to accept cashless payments by the Sept. 1 deadline.

Sunday - 08/18/2013, 08:52am EDT

Tags: Jamie Forzato, D.C. Taxicab Commission, taxicab

Taxi drivers chafe at credit-card deadline

All D.C. taxis must allow passengers to pay with a credit card before the end of September, but some feel D.C. Taxicab Commissioner Ron Linton is rushing them.

Saturday - 08/10/2013, 11:13am EDT

Tags: taxi, Ari Ashe

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