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Teen sets record in cell phone throwing competition

The urge to throw cell phones as hard and far as possible is hard to resist sometimes. Finland understands that, and they've taken it one step further.

Tuesday - 08/21/2012, 01:47pm EDT

Tags: throw, competition, Finland

Fox's Chris Wallace pulled over during a live phone interview

When police say they are cracking down on using a cell phone while driving, they mean it. Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace learned the hard way on Thursday morning.

Friday - 06/15/2012, 06:28pm EDT

Tags: Chris Wallace, D.C. police, Jamie Allen


Hung up on your cell phone? It could be an addiction

It will come as no surprise to most Washingtonians, but more and more Americans are developing a serious cell phone addiction.

Friday - 04/27/2012, 04:55pm EDT

Tags: Dr. drew, cell phone addiction, smart phone


New microchip knows where you are -- exactly where you are

A new smartphone technology may be able to pinpoint a location to the centimeter.

Friday - 04/13/2012, 04:19am EDT

Tags: smartphone, Broadcom, technology review, GPS,

Smartphones offer added healthy motivation

Most consumers have heard the phrase, "There's an app for that" in commercials. But in some cases the apps that offer healthy tips in a mobile form are really improving the health of their users.

Tuesday - 04/03/2012, 08:23am EDT

Tags: smart phone, Everyday Health, meal planning, app, Windsor Johnston

What do you think of police tracking cellphones?

It used to be that police needed to show probable cause to get a warrant to track a cellphone. Now some phone carriers are bypassing that, offering police departments, for a surveillance fee, the ability to determine someone's location or trace his calls and texts.

Monday - 04/02/2012, 10:42am EDT


Lost phones prone to identity theft, finders poke around

Before they made it back to their owners, 43 percent of the finders clicked on apps labeled online banking.

Friday - 03/09/2012, 04:20am EST

Tags: Symantec, lost cell phone, Hank Silverberg

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