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The benefits of family meals aren't limited to dinnertime

Studies consistently find that sitting down to a family meal has plenty of benefits, including a healthier diet, increased happiness and even better grades for kids. But does it have to be dinner?

Thursday - 11/20/2014, 05:07am EST

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Pop-Tarts retain popularity

The popularity of Pop-Tarts hasn't waned over the years. In fact, as the nation has grown healthier, the iconic breakfast food has seen sales grow.

Wednesday - 09/10/2014, 09:38am EDT

Tags: Pop tart, Pop-Tart, Colleen Kelleher

Study: Eating breakfast isn't all that important

If you're not a fan of breakfast food, don't worry about it.

Sunday - 08/24/2014, 06:39pm EDT

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Tips for a healthy, filling breakfast

Paul Kita of Men's Health magazine has advice on picking a healthy cereal and on the health benefits of different mix-ins.

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 05:02am EDT

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National Pancake Day: Top 10 places to get pancakes in D.C.

Love pancakes? Here are some of the top places to chow down on some pancakes locally on National Pancake Day.

Thursday - 09/26/2013, 07:09am EDT

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Food for thought: How to get a healthy breakfast

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." It's something you hear all the time -- and it's no joke.

Sunday - 08/18/2013, 04:59pm EDT

Tags: health, fitness, Lisa Reed, tips, food

Fast food breakfast brings big bucks

Getting breakfast at a fast food restaurant used to be a novelty, but now it seems that everyone wants in the game.

Monday - 07/22/2013, 04:54am EDT

Tags: david burd, mcdonalds, fast food, AdvertisingAge, Wendy

Bacon, bacon, bacon: America's unhealthy breakfasts

The good news: More Americans are eating breakfast. The bad news: It's not the right kind of breakfast.

Wednesday - 12/19/2012, 06:59am EST

Tags: veronica robinson, smartmoney, Bacon

Top business breakfast spots in Washington are...

The Washington Business Journal dishes out its favorites.

Tuesday - 09/18/2012, 10:03am EDT

Tags: Georgetown, Penn Quarter

Landmark Hollywood Diner opens its door again

With a new look, new staff and some new menu items, the Baltimore landmark Hollywood Diner has reopened.

Thursday - 02/16/2012, 03:33am EST

Tags: Hollywood Diner, Baltimore,

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