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Game of Thrones spawns baby names

It's not the first time that a television show or movie has spawned baby name trends, but the speed at which parents have taken to HBO's Game of Thrones and passed on their favorite characters' names, has been notable.

Saturday - 04/12/2014, 02:46am EDT

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Charting the most (and least) popular baby names ...

A site called allows readers to track the popularity of any name from 1880 through 2012, based on data from the Social Security Administration.

Tuesday - 02/18/2014, 09:33am EST

Tags: baby chart, Social Security Administration, Beth Lawton

2013 top baby names: Parents choose family meaning over celebrity trends

When it comes to naming babies, celebrities are getting kicked to the curb and more people are favoring family names, according to a USA TODAY report.

Tuesday - 12/03/2013, 08:39am EST

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D.C.-area top baby names for 2012

The Social Security Administration released the top 100 baby names of 2012 for each state, based on Social Security card application data. Here is the breakdown for D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Friday - 05/17/2013, 12:21pm EDT

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