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More babies are born in summer, early fall

Some birthdays are more popular than others -- especially ones in July, August and September -- according to birth data from the federal government.

Tuesday - 09/23/2014, 12:07pm EDT

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The real reason babies cry

If babies had their way, they would be an only child.

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 08:10pm EDT

Tags: parenting, Randi Martin, Mothers, breast feeding

Ethical issues emerge as scientists peek into baby genes

The newest frontier in the genetic revolution peaks into a baby's genetic code, but is full of ethical challenges, from how early to do so to how to make use of this health forecast without causing needless worry.

Tuesday - 10/08/2013, 08:56am EDT

Tags: Inova Translational Medicine Institute, Falls Church, genetics, gene-mapping, NIH

Pulse oximetry test: 'ET'-like light could save babies

It's every new parent's nightmare: a healthy baby goes home from the hospital and within days turns blue and struggles to breathe.

Monday - 10/07/2013, 06:59am EDT

Tags: pulse oximetry, parenting, Paula Wolfson, Gerald Martin

Local parents celebrate babies' births with royal style

Fourteen babies who share a birthday with Britain's royal baby got the royal treatment Tuesday at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital.

Tuesday - 07/23/2013, 07:10pm EDT

Tags: birthdays, royal baby, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, michelle basch

Top 5 things to do with babies in the D.C. area

You recently welcomed your little bundle of joy -- now what? Experts say one of the best things new parents can do is get out of the house. Here's a list of destinations for you and your baby.

Friday - 06/14/2013, 08:44am EDT

Tags: activities, D.C. area, Micaela Williamson

Mom knows best? Research says otherwise

The saying goes, "Mom knows best." But some new research suggests that isn't always the case.

Friday - 04/26/2013, 12:44pm EDT

Tags: Mothers, fathers, Joan Jones, Nature Communications

Predicted baby name trends for 2013

Ancient names inspired by gods and goddesses are going to be popular among expecting parents this year, according to

Thursday - 12/06/2012, 11:04am EST

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Parents swap sonograms for gender-reveal cakes

Instead of learning the news in a sterile hospital room from a doctor, couples are gathering in the comfort of their homes with family and friends their eyes glued to a cake rather than a sonogram for proof that it's a boy or girl.

Wednesday - 11/14/2012, 08:50pm EST

Tags: parents, cake decorator, pregnancy, Stephanie Steinberg, cakes, gender reveal

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