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Column: I survived the GWAR-B-Q

WTOP heads to the fourth annual GWAR-B-Q, an all-day assault of the senses hosted by Gwar and featuring a dozen punk, metal and thrash bands.

Monday - 08/19/2013, 04:04pm EDT

Tags: GWAR, gwar-b-q,

Virginia classrooms prepare to go digital

As the world marketplace continues to go digital, high schools throughout Virginia are taking the plunge into virtual education.

Thursday - 08/15/2013, 04:48am EDT

Tags: Virginia, high school, online classes,

Cemetery gathering puts a new spin on book clubs

Fans of the strange and macabre will have the chance to explore both "Tombs and Tomes" at Congressional Cemetery in Southeast D.C. next month.

Tuesday - 08/06/2013, 05:36am EDT

Tags: Congressional Cemetery, Lauren Maloy, Tombs and Tomes, book club

Kicked from the coop: Urban farmers ditching chickens

Just a few miles from where River Road ends in Poolesville, Md., a second life beings for animals that have been discarded, abandoned and left to die.

Wednesday - 07/31/2013, 07:41am EDT

Tags: urban farming, chickens, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

Warrior princess: From Navy SEAL to transgender crusader

Transitioning from Christopher to Kristin Beck wasn't a choice for the former Navy SEAL, it was an imperative.

Thursday - 07/11/2013, 03:20pm EDT

Tags: kristin beck, Navy SEALS, transgender,

Trendy with a wild streak: The debate over hybrid cats (Video)

About an hour outside of D.C., dozens of Bengals sniff, stretch and strut through the Jungletrax Cattery, where 38-year-old Anthony Hutcherson breeds designer felines for curious and committed cat lovers.

Sunday - 06/30/2013, 01:58am EDT

Tags: Bengals, bengal cats, Dr. Katy Nelson, washington humane society, wild cats, Anthony Hutcherson, cats, pets, Scott Giacoppo, Megan Cloherty


Virginia Gold Cup debuts self-service betting system (Video)

Forget the fancy hats, elegant horses and Jack Russell Terriers that will be on display this weekend at the 88th Virginia Gold Cup. Parimutuel betting, in which people put their money into a collective pool, is the real star of this year's festivities, the organizers say.

Saturday - 05/04/2013, 06:47pm EDT

Tags: Virginia Gold Cup, Fauquier County, Parimutuel betting, horse racing, Kristi King, Vicki Bendure, The Plains


Girls Fire Camp: Firefighting is no longer just for boys

No one ever told Anne Slabinski or Marcia Reed they couldn't be firefighters. In fact, neither ever imagined herself battling blazes or saving lives. Yet after more than 15 years, collectively, the two women feel they have found their callings.

Thursday - 05/02/2013, 11:02am EDT

Tags: Arlington, Arlington Fire Department, Girls Fire Camp, firefighters

WTOP's guide to national Record Store Day

Check out exclusive National Record Store Day releases by your favorite artists.

Friday - 04/19/2013, 08:30am EDT

Tags: National Record Store Day

First look: Inside D.C.'s first medical pot dispensary

The waiting room at Capital City Care looks like a typical doctor's office -- hardwood floors, clean open space and a friendly receptionist behind the front desk. But before patients can pass into the back room, they must first scan their index finger to prove they are allowed to be there.

Monday - 04/08/2013, 03:36pm EDT

Tags: medical marijuana, Capital City Care

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