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Study: Sleepy or not, performance the same

Insomnia may feel awful from head to toe, but the effects might not translate to actual performance.

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 04:30am EDT

Tags: sleep, insomnia,

Lobsters may be the fountain of youth

Lobsters could teach people about living long lives. And, possibly, about living forever.

Monday - 09/16/2013, 04:41am EDT

Tags: lobsters, science, aging,

When new cellphones comes out, it's time to sell old

Waiting just 30 days after a new model is introduced could significantly depreciate the old phone's value as a trade- in.

Thursday - 09/12/2013, 06:30am EDT

Tags: phones, iphone, smartphone, cellphones,

Smartphone apps take the mom out of the nag

As more people turn to technology to help run their lives, smartphones are becoming digital nagging devices.

Friday - 09/06/2013, 06:23am EDT

Tags: mobile apps, smartphone app, iphone, startribune

Domestic oil, gas production gives economy lift

The explosion in U.S. production of oil and natural gas is giving Americans a little more jingle in the pocket.

Thursday - 09/05/2013, 07:19am EDT

Tags: gas, oil

Report: Store brands' taste is worth the savings

When shopping for groceries, do you generally choose brand names over the store brands? You could be spending a lot more for no additional quality.

Monday - 09/02/2013, 07:11am EDT

Tags: Consumer Reports, store brands

Part of famous trio returns to National Mall for anniversary march

Noel Paul Stookey, a third of Peter, Paul & Mary, talks to WTOP about his plans to return to the National Mall for the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.

Thursday - 08/29/2013, 02:25pm EDT

Tags: peter, paul & Mary, noel paul stookey, paul stookey, lacey mason,


Texting joins ranks of sleep walking and talking

It really is the next logical step in a technology-addicted society.

Thursday - 08/29/2013, 05:24am EDT

Tags: texting, teenagers, sleep, smartphones, sleep texting

Study: Losing sports teams make us reach for the saturated fats

A losing football team may be to blame for that spare tire around the waist.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 06:03am EDT

Tags: fat, sports, football, baseball, eating, obesity,

How to avoid extra fees on credit cards

Don't let credit cards work you -- make them work for you.

Tuesday - 08/27/2013, 05:24am EDT

Tags: credit cards, money, credit card fees

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