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Bin Laden's 'legacy' complicates security, Nov. election

The Navy SEAL Team 6 successful raid on bin Laden's compound in Pakistan on May 1, 2011 signaled an end to the reign of the man who masterminded the September 11 attacks, and it formalized a growing transition in national security threats: The U.S. no longer faces a single enemy group in al Qaida, but rather now must contend with a global network for semi-autonomous and separate terrorist cells.

Wednesday - 05/02/2012, 07:06am EDT

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Will personal scandal of Ariz. sheriff affect Romney's campaign?

John King, CNN chief national correspondent, "John King USA" host

Tuesday - 02/21/2012, 08:46am EST

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Gingrich to King: 'Despicable' debate response just 'how it works'

While speaking on WTOP Tuesday morning, King said Gingrich approached him during the first break of the Jan. 19 debate, clapped him on the shoulder and said the debate was going really well. When King asked about the candidates' seething response to the opening question about his marital history, Gingrich laughed and said "you know how it works."

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 08:51am EST

Tags: Newt Gingrich, South Carolina debate