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Dream Water: Drink yourself to sleep

Want to drink yourself to sleep without a headache in the morning?

Friday - 06/29/2012, 06:57am EDT

Tags: john aaron, dream water

Crime Museum workshops put CSI to shame

Think you're a crime expert from watching shows like CSI and NCIS? You can test your knowledge in a new workshop this summer.

Friday - 06/15/2012, 07:45am EDT

Tags: Crime Museum, john aaron, Janine Vaccarello

Increasing a car remote's range with your head

Use your head if you want to get more range out of a car's remote.

Wednesday - 06/13/2012, 07:50pm EDT

Tags: car remote, Pozar, john aaron

Car companies working with Apple to combine technology

The days of fumbling with an iPhone in the car are coming to an end.

Wednesday - 06/13/2012, 05:44pm EDT

Tags: john aaron, Fast Company, siri, Apple

D.C. collects record $55.1 million from camera enforcement

The District collected a record $55.1 million from speed and red-light cameras during its 2011 fiscal year, despite issuing fewer citations than the year before.

Friday - 06/08/2012, 05:59am EDT

Tags: speed cameras, red light cameras, traffic cameras, john aaron

Study: Men spread majority of germs in the office

Office workspaces, with their well-used keyboards, phones, and chairs, are notorious for teeming with bacteria.

Thursday - 05/31/2012, 04:38pm EDT

Tags: Plos One, germs, john aaron

Shifting focus at Preakness from drinking to racing

It's long been known as the booziest leg of horse racing's Triple Crown series.

Thursday - 05/17/2012, 07:41pm EDT

Tags: john aaron, Pimlico, Preakness

What are the best cars for commuting?

With commutes in the region so long, selecting the right car can make all the difference.

Thursday - 05/17/2012, 03:13pm EDT

Tags: john aaron, wtop saves you money, commute, cars

Prince George's Co.'s housing market is red hot

Prince George's County had been struggling along with the country during the foreclosure crisis but now, the numbers tells a different story. Prince George's County may actually be surging.

Monday - 05/07/2012, 07:07am EDT

Tags: john aaron, housing market, real estate


Get some Zs with these sleep-easy eats

Getting a good night's sleep can be a challenge, but some unexpected foods could be the key to falling, and staying, asleep.

Thursday - 05/03/2012, 06:53am EDT

Tags: john aaron, sleep, food, foods that help you sleep

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