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Jailed reporter's family asks Iran to release him

The family of a Washington Post reporter jailed without charge in Iran since July is urging authorities in Tehran to release him.

Thursday - 10/30/2014, 12:35pm EDT

Tags: The Washington Post, kidnapping

US: Forfeiture deal over Iran assets sets record

Friday - 04/18/2014, 12:50am EDT

Tags: Rockville

Lawyers disagree on Iran satellite case sentence for Md. man

An attorney for a Maryland man convicted of illegally helping Iran launch its first satellite says his client should spend no more than 27 months in prison, not the approximately 16 to 20 years the government is recommending

Wednesday - 12/18/2013, 02:07pm EST

Tags: Nader Modanlo, satellite, crime, courts

Wife of longest-held U.S. hostage says Iran's president key to release

As of last week, former FBI agent Robert Levinson is now the longest-held American hostage in history. His family and the U.S. government hope that the new Iranian president could help secure Levinson's release.

Wednesday - 12/04/2013, 07:13am EST

Tags: Hassan Rouhani, Robert Levinson, FBI, hostage, j.j. green, longest held hostage

Stuxnet attack offers lesson for U.S. energy industry

The Stuxnet attack offered a lesson for the U.S. energy industry, requiring nuclear facilities to review what protections they had in place.

Friday - 02/15/2013, 10:47am EST

Tags: Stuxnet virus, counterintelligence, nuclear power plants

Iran warns terrorism coming to Washington

A top Iranian cleric has warned the U.S. and specifically the city of Washington to prepare for retaliation in response to a terror attack in western Pakistan that killed 103 people.

Monday - 01/28/2013, 12:51pm EST

Tags: Washington Institute for Near East Policy, j.j. green, George Perkovich

Family of hostage asking Obama for help

The wife of a former FBI agent, believed to have been kidnapped by the Iranian government, is pleading with President Barack Obama to help.

Thursday - 01/10/2013, 07:29am EST

Tags: Bob Levinson,

U.S. agents follow the WMD money trail

Every country has a finance ministry, but only the U.S. has one with a unit dedicated to combating illicit finance linked to terrorists and rogue nation-states developing or threatening to use weapons of mass destruction. Its goal is to choke off their money supply until their exploits shrivel up and cease. Iran is the unit's main focus at this time.

Monday - 12/10/2012, 07:38am EST

Tags: weapons of mass destruction, JJ Green, david cohen

NYT: Iran agrees to talk with U.S. about nuclear program

The United States and Iran have agreed to discuss Iran's nuclear program for the first time, The New York Times reported Saturday evening.

Saturday - 10/20/2012, 07:52pm EDT

Tags: nuclear, Election

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