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Georgetown University hopes to bring its MBA program to Tysons Corner

Students seeking a master's in business administration from Georgetown University could soon find themselves heading to evening classes at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner instead of the school's D.C. campus as early as fall 2014.

Wednesday - 09/25/2013, 09:53am EDT

Tags: MBA, tysons, Tower Club

Johns Hopkins University ranks among nation's best colleges in U.S. News list

Johns Hopkins University was one of eight colleges in the region that ranked in the top 100 in the country, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Tuesday - 09/10/2013, 12:50pm EDT

Tags: us news and world report, Johns Hopkins University, University of Virginia, College of William and Mary, george washington university, University of Maryland College Park, Virginia Tech, American University

Airplane bathrooms were not made for NBA players (Photos)

Airplane bathrooms are bad enough for us mere mortals. Imagine being a 7-foot-2 NBA star.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 01:07pm EDT

Tags: Roy Hibbert,

2012 a mixed bag for area universities and tech transfer efforts

Despite spending $5.2 million more on research in 2012 than in 2011, George Mason University experienced a year-over-year decline in executed licenses and options, startups, invention disclosures, patents issued, new patent applications and license revenue.

Monday - 08/19/2013, 02:54pm EDT

Tags: George Mason University, University of Maryland

Georgetown bulldog mascot's reign short-lived

After 15 months of training, Jack Jr. will give up his mascot duties for a return to home life, Georgetown University announced Wednesday.

Wednesday - 07/31/2013, 02:39pm EDT

Tags: Georgetown Hoyas, mascots, Jack Jr., animals

2 forms of Gulf War illness affect different parts of brain

They served their country two decades ago, and more than 200,000 Gulf War vets are still dealing with the mysterious symptoms they brought home. Now, researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center have found the missing link of the puzzle.

Monday - 06/17/2013, 05:30am EDT

Tags: Gulf War, paula wolfson, Georgetown University Medical Center, Gulf War Illness

'Once Wild' aims for artistic revolution (Video)

"Once Wild: Isadora in Russia" opens this weekend at Georgetown University's Davis Performing Arts Center in collaboration with Word Dance Theater.

Friday - 05/03/2013, 01:56pm EDT

Tags: Bob Madigan, Once Wild: Isadora in Russia

Georgetown University chapel vandalized

The president of Georgetown University says vandalism of the campus' main chapel forced Sunday morning Masses to be moved to another location.

Sunday - 04/14/2013, 04:13pm EDT

Tags: vandalism

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