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A luxurious shave cream fit for the gods

A Seattle food company is selling aromatic gifts of cured meat in a jar that is sure to garner the wearer love, admiration and possibly bears.

Thursday - 11/29/2012, 08:07am EST

Tags: food, Bacon, holiday gift ideas

Families revamp Thanksgiving traditions

D.C. area families eating in shifts, have added late night turkey dinners and supplement the standard turkey and trimmings with tradition food from other countries. Despite the updates, Thanksgiving dinner is still an American tradition.

Thursday - 11/22/2012, 02:07pm EST

Tags: Brian Bear, Amphora Group, megan cloherty, Thanksgiving dinner, food, traditions


Your Thanksgiving spread doesn't need to be perfect

This isn't a Norman Rockwell painting.

Thursday - 11/22/2012, 07:04am EST

Tags: carolyn bick, Thanksgiving, food

Tips on storing Thanksgiving leftovers from a master chef

After the turkey and trimmings comes the dreaded Thanksgiving clean-up. And when it comes to storing leftovers, we can all learn from a master chef.

Thursday - 11/22/2012, 06:36am EST

Tags: Thanksgiving, turkey, cooking, paula wolfson, food, food safety

Diet tips to keep you fuller, longer

If you want a sweet treat while you're on a diet, which is better: a handful of jelly beans or five cups of cotton candy?

Thursday - 09/27/2012, 05:42am EDT

Tags: del walters, dieting, chicago sun-times, food

The secrets restaurant servers won't tell you

You've heard some dirty kitchen secrets, but these secrets may raise some eyebrows.

Thursday - 09/13/2012, 06:45am EDT

Tags: food, restaurant, david burd, reader

New Halloween Oreo is no trick

It's not a trick. Candy Corn Oreos are here for the Halloween season, but only for a limited time.

Tuesday - 09/11/2012, 02:31am EDT

Tags: Oreo, Halloween, food

Top 10 fit foods for women

If you're wanting to spice up your diet without adding fat and calories, look no further.

Wednesday - 09/05/2012, 07:45am EDT

Tags: Fitness, food, Yahoo!, fitness magazine

Behind closed doors: Revelations about restaurant conditions

A chef's "secret" recipe may not be the only secret that restaurant staff want to keep from customers.

Wednesday - 08/08/2012, 01:58pm EDT

Tags: restaurant, bacteria, germs, readers digest, food

Customers complain about Arlington's food truck time limit

Arlington County's 60-minute time limit for food trucks is raising complaints among customers.

Wednesday - 08/01/2012, 06:13am EDT

Tags: food, food truck, Arlington

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