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Study: Arthritis, pain-relieving drugs may contribute to stroke deaths

There is more evidence that arthritis and pain-relieving drugs may contribute to stroke deaths.

Sunday - 11/09/2014, 01:12am EST

Tags: Arthritis, Stroke, pain-reducing drugs, Neurology,

Virus hitting kids across U.S. could continue to spread

A respiratory illness that has infected more than 1,000 children in the U.S. could become a bigger national problem, according to doctors.

Monday - 09/08/2014, 02:35pm EDT

Tags: virus, ABC News, enterovirus 68, CNN, Dr. Richard Besser, CDC,

New seat belt might help you stay awake

Thousands of deaths each year are linked to drowsy driving. Now, researchers are doing something about it.

Sunday - 07/27/2014, 05:05pm EDT

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Drop off unused pills for National Prescription Drug "Take-Back" Day

Saturday is National Prescription Drug "Take-Back" Day. Locations around the country will be accepting expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs.

Saturday - 04/26/2014, 11:39am EDT

Tags: Office of Personnel Management, drug addiction, prescription drugs, National Drug Take-Back Day, DEA

Technology to blame for nation's lack of sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is so important, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls "insufficient" sleep a public health epidemic. New technology may be part of the problem.

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 04:52pm EST

Tags: sleep, National Sleep Foundation, television, light bulbs,

Shutdown's lingering effects may make you sick

The partial shutdown of the federal government may be over, but the health effects are likely to linger.

Thursday - 10/17/2013, 05:15pm EDT

Tags: paula wolfson, flu season, flu shots, American Public Health Association

Montgomery Co. cancels Pooch Pool Party

No fun in the sun for Montgomery County's pooches. The Recreation Department is canceling its popular Pooch Pool Party due to the spread of dog influenza.

Friday - 08/30/2013, 09:14pm EDT

Tags: montgomery county, Canine influenza, pets, wheaton

CDC: High price of excessive drinking costs D.C.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says excessive drinking is costing the nation billions. And the highest tab per person is in Washington, D.C.

Tuesday - 08/13/2013, 07:04pm EDT

Tags: drinking, excessive drinking, paula wolfson, binge drinking

Hand washing: It's all in the technique

Keeping your hands clean is one of the most important things you can do to to combat the spread of disease. Some people use alcohol-based hand sanitizers; others swear by old-fashioned soap and water.

Thursday - 05/09/2013, 05:11pm EDT

Tags: soap, hand sanitizer, hand washing

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