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Arborists: Emerging cicadas may damage small trees

Cicadas are mostly harmless, but arborists warn that small trees and shrubs could be damaged as female cicadas lay their eggs.

Tuesday - 06/25/2013, 05:44am EDT

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Billions of cicadas to emerge this season

The loud hissing of the Brood II cicada will soon be heard along the East Coast, from New York to Georgia. The sound is the mating call of the species.

Monday - 05/06/2013, 06:41am EDT

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17-year Brood II cicadas will be back this spring

Later in the spring, this brood of periodical cicadas - which surfaces every 17 years - will swarm the East Coast from North Carolina to New York and farther north.

Friday - 03/22/2013, 06:52am EDT

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