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How to stay healthy on your vacation

Too much sun and heat are common causes of vacation ailments. But tropical diseases like mosquito-borne illness can lurk much closer to home.

Monday - 06/30/2014, 03:56pm EDT

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Upsurge in flu, H1N1 deaths among younger population

Although winter's cold may be subsiding, the risk of serious illness or death associated with the flu still exists and now, a resurgence of the H1N1 virus is causing a dramatic rise in deaths of younger people.

Thursday - 02/20/2014, 10:23am EST

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Are hand sanitizers worth your money?

Hand sanitizer sales totaled millions of dollars last year but do they actually ward off the flu?

Thursday - 01/17/2013, 07:44am EST

Tags: darci marchese, flu, hand washing, hand sanitizer

The truth about the flu shot: Myth vs. reality

Suspicions and misconceptions about the flu vaccine are everywhere. Some say they caught the virus despite being vaccinated, others say they've heard this year's vaccine is ineffective and others worry they got vaccinated too early -- or too late -- for it to work.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 01:01pm EST

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Fauci: Too early to tell how bad flu season will be

Flu season is highly unpredictable. Now, there is little flu activity nationwide.

Monday - 10/15/2012, 08:16am EDT

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