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Knuckleheads in the News

Monday - 9/15/2014, 9:17am  ET

C) An Illinois teen who couldn't afford her bus fare, so she maced the bus driver. The 17-year-old allegedly sprayed the driver after she couldn't pay for the ride. The driver later id-ed her, and she's being charged with aggravated battery.

Winner: C

November 18, 2013

A) A robot hunter from Florida. The man MEANT to kill a deer, but he was fooled by a police decoy and shot a robo-deer instead. Police emerged from nearby hiding spots and arrested him for shooting during closed season.

B) Another Florida man who impersonated a police officer in hopes of getting discounted donuts. The man flashed a gun and a badge at the Dunkin Donuts, telling the clerk "See? I am a cop!" Then the real deal came by and arrested him.

C) Yet another Florida man who got stuck in a chimney during an attempted robbery. Detectives say they saw a single foot hanging from the fireplace when they arrived. After two hours police got the rest of him down and charged him with burglary.

Winner: B

November 11, 2013

A) Toronto Mayor Rob Ford addressed the media last week, admitting to smoking crack. It's one of several scandals that has plagued his 3 year tenure. Ford refuses to resign and says he will run for reelection.

B) A Dallas man who ate a debit card to cover up evidence in an identity theft and income tax fraud investigation. When police arrested the man he had 300- thousand- dollars in cash as well as debit cards, including at least one that he tried to eat.

C) A woman who tried to wear a cheeseburger as a sandal after being caught having sex in the parking lot of a Georgia Waffle House. Officers say the couple was drunk and the woman's attempt to wear the sandwich just helped prove it.

Winner: A

November 4, 2013

A) Dancer Julianne Hough who dressed up in blackface as a part of her Halloween costume. The 25-year-old dressed up as "Crazy Eyes" from the show "Orange Is The New Black" and decided to paint her face black. She later apologized on Twitter for being offensive.

B) R&B superstar Chris Brown who was charged with breaking the nose of a man who tried to sneak into a picture with him outside of a DC hotel. Brown is already on probation for a 2009 attack on his then-girlfriend, Rihanna.

C) Singer Justin Bieber who showed his support for Chris Brown by tagging a wall in Bogota, Colombia. The 19-year-old wrote "Free Breezy" in spray paint on a wall. This was the same week that he was allegedly spotted leaving a brothel in Brazil.

Winner: C

October 28, 2013

A) A London man who made a fake bomb threat to call off his wedding. The 36- year- old had forgotten to book the venue so instead of fessing up he called in the bomb threat. He's been sentenced to a year in jail.

B) A California man who went joyriding in a police cruiser. The 31-year-old allegedly stole the car from outside of a house after officers ordered him off of the property. He's charged with theft and driving under the influence.

C) A Pennsylvania man who led police to him with a trail of curly fries. The 36- year-old allegedly groped a woman at a fast food restaurant as she handed him his drive-through order. Police spotted the car outside a motel and followed a trail of Arby's fries to the man's hotel room.

Winner: A

October 21, 2013

A) A Tennessee man who called cops when a store clerk over charged him for a beer By ONE penny. The dissatisfied customer called police three times hoping they'd get the clerk to settle up. The third time, police arrested the caller.

B) Two men who called state police and tried to sell the officers drugs. An trooper answered the phone saying, "West Virginia State Police, How may I help you?" Then the caller said he was selling prescription drugs, and gave the trooper directions to his home. Officers arrived and arrested the two men.

C) A motorcyclist in Illinois who told police he was speeding because he had to use the bathroom. The man and a 16-year-old passenger were going 140 miles- per- hour. The man told police he just really had to go. The driver was arrested.

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