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Knuckleheads in the News

Monday - 9/1/2014, 5:33am  ET

Winner: B

Dec. 5, 2011

A) Texas bank robbers bragged on Facebook about their heist. The female burglar posted "I'm Rich" on her boyfriends wall. Investigators were tipped off about the messages and arrested the bank robbers.

B) A Pennsylvania woman robbed a Burger King and hours later called the same Burger King to ask if anyone caught her license plate. The problem: she used her own cell phone to make the call. The restaurant called police, who used phone records to find the woman.

C) A German man who tried to rob a bank with a toy gun, only problem is the bank had been closed for years. Instead, he robbed a woman on the street and fled the scene in a stolen car. Police found the car and tracked him down after lifting his fingerprints from the toy gun he left in the backseat.

Winner: B

Nov. 28, 2011

A) A Chicago man broke into Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams' house while he was out of town and made himself at home.

The man put on William' clothes, his 2005 World Series Ring, drank beer and defrosted a lobster in the GM's home.

The man also left behind a hospital bracelet with his name on it. Police later found him still wearing the borrowed clothes.

B) Coast Guard officials in Florida received a call to help a man who ran out of gas in his boat.

When Coast Guard went to help they realized the boat had actually been reported stolen, they reached the stranded man and charged him with grand theft.

C) An Ohio man tried using paranormal activity as a defense.

The former police officer was accused of stealing a dozen air conditioning units and other valuables from a sheriff's office.

The items were found in the mans basement but he said it was a ghost who put them there!

The court didn't buy it and convicted the former cop.

Winner: A

Nov. 21, 2011

A) A New York man wearing a t-shirt that read "I am a drunk" was charged with a DWI after running into a cop car. He was issued several traffic citations.

B) An Atlanta teenager who was stuck in a chimney for ten hours after looking to rob an area home. Neighbors heard someone yelling for help from the home's chimney and called police. He was charged with burglary.

C) An Albany woman and two friends who stole a car so she could get to court in time to face previous charges against her. The stolen car's OnStar GPS indicated it was at the courthouse. Officers got the call while she was in court and arrested her before her appearance was over.

Winner: C

Nov. 14, 2011

a) College athletes aren't suppose to interact with agents or PR specialists. But Ray-Ray Armstrong, safety for the Miami Hurricanes, is in the hot seat for having dinner with the owner of a P-R firm and Tweeting about it!

The tweet was deleted, but he's now being investigated to see if he broke NCAA rules.

B) A Charlotte man recently ran out of T-P in a motel bathroom and became so angry that he smashed lights and a blow dryer, then went to another room being renovated and clogged the toilet, causing thousands of dollars in water damage.

He's now facing vandalism charges.

C) A Utah bank robber was found not too far from the scene after someone who saw it happen followed his footprints in the snow back to his apartment.

When police got there, they found the robber and all the stolen cash.

Winner: C

Nov. 7, 2011

A) An Oregon man who broke into a home, not to steal anything but to watch TV. The homeowner discovered the unwelcome guest on his couch and knocked him unconscious. The intruder faces criminal trespassing charges.

B) A Nebraska man who relieved himself on the side of a cop car while an officer was still in the car. The man was cited for littering by urination.

C) California train robbers who stole from a stopped train, but probably didn't get what they were expecting. They grabbed 20 boxes filled with pig's feet, costing a total of $200. Authorities are still searching for the thieves.

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