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Knuckleheads in the News

Monday - 4/21/2014, 9:29am  ET

B) A Florida woman got impatient while waiting for a gas pump at a Miami gas station. She tried to cut in front of the next car, but lost control and slammed into the gas pump, causing a huge explosion and fire. No injuries were reported and no word on whether charges will be filed.

C) A Pikesville man stopped by a Hagerstown prison to visit his father, who was serving time for murder. The man was hiding morphine and other drugs in his shorts. He was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison.

Winner: A

March 19, 2012

A) A Wyoming man stopped to ask for directions at a state police station. After getting out of his vehicle, officers realized the man had been drinking and was behaving erratically. Police charged him with a DUI.

B) An Arkansas teen thought she was being funny when she texted "I hid a body...Now what?" to a random phone number. The number belonged to a local police detective, who did not find the joke very funny. The girl was released with a warning.

C) Two California men broke into a Sacramento clinic to steal security cameras. The men stole 12 cameras over three different days, but forgot to remove the security tapes from the remaining cameras. Police used the footage to arrest one of the men and the other is still at large.

Winner: C

March 12, 2012

A) A Florida man who swiped a judges nameplate after appearing in court. He later took a photo of himself posing with the nameplate and then posted the picture on facebook. Police were notified and he was arrested.

B) A Washington man whose wife found several photos of the husband eating a wedding cake with another woman. The wife discovered the photos after clicking through a link on facebook's "people you may know" feature. The husband now faces bigamy charges.

C) A Florida man who got in a physical altercation with his mom after he caught her using some of his taco sauce. The disagreement started with screaming and ended with the son putting his mom in a headlock. Both mom and son were arrested.

Winner: B

March 5, 2012

A) A Florida man who attempted to rob two people in a hotel room. They pepper sprayed the burglar and he dropped his gun in the struggle. He then returned minutes later to try to buy back his gun. They pepper sprayed him again and police arrested him.

B) A New Mexico man who tried to dine-and-dash at an Applebee's, but picked the wrong night to do so. The Restaurant was hosting a law-enforcement fundraiser that night. Officers saw the man try to skip out on his bill and booked him.

C) A District homeless man chose the wrong vehicle to carjack. The man attempted to steal a Secret Service car in front of Sidwell Friends School. The man jumped into the car and tried to drive it away. He was arrested immediately.

Winner: A

Feb. 27, 2012

A) A thief in England tried to steal copper and heroine from an electricity sub- station. He drained the oil inside the transformer's conductors then urinated against it, which caused a huge explosion. Not only did he get burned, he got a year in jail.

B) A Georgia woman was arrested for assault but as she was being taken to jail, she had an unusual request for cops. She asked if she could smoke some crack before being booked. The cop said no and took her to jail.

C) A Wisconsin man went into a Denny's restaurant claiming he was sent by the corporate office to take over as general manager. Then he went into the kitchen to make himself a cheeseburger and fries. Supervisors didn't buy it and called police, who later arrested him.

Winner: A

Feb. 20, 2012

A) A Florida teenager who thought he was stealing a neighbor's marijuana plant, actually swiped a tomato plant instead. The neighbor saw the teen a week later standing by a bus stop and called police. He was charged with unarmed robbery.

B) A British woman who lied to police, claiming burglars had taken her 52 inch flat screen TV out through her window. Police realized the TV was too big to fit through the window. Authorities then found the reported stolen item underneath her bed. She was fined for the fraudulent report.

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