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Knuckleheads in the News

Monday - 8/18/2014, 9:34am  ET

Winner: A

June 10, 2013

A) A former North Carolina postal carrier who has been convicted of fraud after appearing on "The Price is Right." She filed for worker's comp, claiming she couldn't lift mail trays into a truck because of a shoulder injury. But when she was on the gameshow, she was able to spin "the big wheel" twice. She was also caught zip-lining on vacation.

B) A Saudi Prince who is suing Forbes magazine for claiming he's only worth 20- billion-dollars. The man says the valuation of his wealth was shortchanged -- he's REALLY worth 30-billion-dollars.

C) A Chicago man who is accused of stealing a box of Starburst candy from a convenience store. He's been arrested for the 77th time --- and he's only 22 years old. He's been convicted 16 times for trespassing, marijuana possession, theft and other crimes.

Winner: A

June 3, 2013

A) Two California Burger King robbers for letting their getaway car get stolen. A store employee drove the car around the block while two robbers held up the cash register. Once they realized their transportation was gone, the men tried to run to a nearby field. Officers arrested them at the scene.

B) An Austrian man whose flat tire cost his employer $117,000. He worked for a bank and was transporting the cash when he accidentally dumped it into a river while changing the tire. The money hasn't been found and the man is searching for a new job.

C) A Florida driver who ran from the cops into an alligator's mouth. Police pulled over the 20-year-old man because he was weaving on the road. When he ran behind a water treatment plant he ran into the gator. The alligator bit him but he's okay, and was arrested at the hospital.

Winner: A

May 27, 2013

A) Nationals relief pitcher Ryan Mattheus for breaking his hand hitting a locker following a bad outing last week, forcing him to miss up to two months.

B) A man who wears thong underwear and a cape while riding his scooter through Wisconsin's capital city. It may be a strange sight, but police say he isn't breaking any laws.

C) Organizers of Kanye West's video premiere last night in Baltimore. The city shut down the event and canceled the premiere of the video because the organizers forgot to get permits.

Winner: A

May 20, 2013

A) An Iranian man who robbed a bank after a fake sorcerer told him he was invisible. The man went into a bank and started snatching money from people's hands. The customers ganged up on him until the police arrived. He was arrested.

B) A Kentucky man who had a feast inside a grocery store. The 30-year-old ate 6 steaks, shrimp, and birthday cake. Then, washed it all down with some beer. He was found in the ceiling of the store the next day.

C) An Oregon man who tried to escape police by swimming across the Columbia River. The 20-year-old took cops on a car chase before crashing the car near the river. He got tired after trying to backstroke across the river, and asked police to save him. He was charged with vehicle theft and other charges.

Winner: A

May 13, 2013

A) A California woman who quit smoking by slapping a cop. She figured it would be easier to stop smoking if she was somewhere she just couldn't smoke, like jail. She landed in the slammer for 63 days.

B) A Michigan woman who was arrested for stalking herself. The 52-year-old sent threatening messages to herself from a fake Facebook account for a year. Then, called police to say her ex-boyfriend's new girl was after her. Police figured out it was her and charged her with filing a false report.

C) An Illinois woman who got a DUI while celebrating the end of another DUI. The 58-year-old had just gotten her license back and was pulled over for speeding. Her blood alcohol level turned out to be nearly twice the legal limit.

Winner: C

May 6, 2013

A) Two Georgia men who fell through the ceiling while peeping into a women's bathroom. They're being charged with being Peeping Toms and damage to property.

B) A New Hampshire man who lost 26 hundred bucks on a carnival game. The 30-year- old was trying to toss balls into a basket. The balls kept bouncing out, but he kept playing. The carnival assistant gave the guy back 600 dollars and a giant banana when he complained. Now police are investigating whether the game was rigged.

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