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Knuckleheads in the News

Monday - 8/18/2014, 9:34am  ET

Winner: C

August 19, 2013

A) Two Illinois crooks who went to rob a restaurant with a squirt gun, but came back after the owner asked them to try later. When they came back an hour later, the cops were waiting for them. The pair is charged with attempted robbery.

B) Four New York teenagers who were partying inside a vault, and got locked inside. They had to call police to let them, along with their booze and weed, out.

C) A California man who vandalized a police car, and then liked the picture of the patrol car on the cops' facebook page. The 18-year-old wrote a obscenities on the car, then liked the photo when the police posted it online. He was arrested for vandalism.

Winner: A

August 12, 2013

A) A New Mexico man who pretended to be a police officer, and pulled over real cops. The 26-year-old stopped two state officers in an unmarked car, and told them he was a member of the state police Search and Rescue unit. They charged HIM with impersonating a police officer.

B) A Pennsylvania woman who used a black pen to lower prices at a supermarket, and got the ink all over her hands doing it. Store employees caught the 55-year-old as she was checking out.

C) A Pennsylvania couple who were both charged with a DUI on the same night, in the same car. The couple switched seats in a parking lot, then got back on the road. Police pulled them over a few minutes later and charged both of them.

Winner: A

August 5, 2013

A) A Nevada man who bailed on his bill, then got called out online. The guy ran up a $100 bill, then left without paying. But the restaurant posted his picture on Facebook and tagged his profile, telling how he didn't pay. He turned himself in.

B) A Pennsylvania robber who left his shoes at the scene of the crime. The man snatched $200 from a woman leaving the bank and ran right out of his pink Addidas sneakers, before hopping on a neon green BMX-style bike. Police are still looking for him.

C) A Tennessee man who stole a Bobcat tractor wearing his birthday suit! The drunk 19-year-old said he took the tractor to cover up his bare buns.

Winner: C

July 29, 2013

A. An Erie woman who was mad that she was picked to serve on a jury cursed at the judge. Her bad attitude landed her with a $500 fine. If she doesn't pay it in 90 days, she could go to jail. She apologized after her outburst saying she was upset about missing work.

B. A Florida woman who went to jail for stealing a tow truck. Her rental car broke down so she called for a tow. She asked the driver if she could borrow his rig to drive to New York. When his back was turned, she jumped in and drove away. But the truck's GPS led police right to her.

C. A West Virginia University football player who burglarized a home in his Mountaineers sweatpants with his uniform number 96 on them. He and two others got away with cash and electronics but witnesses easily identified him. He was arrested and suspended from the team.

Winner: C

July 22, 2013

A) A Florida football player who was arrested for barking at a police dog. The 19-year-old Florida Gator walked up to the police car where the dog was as he was leaving a bar, and barked at the animal. He claims the dog barked at him first, but the cops locked him up anyways.

B) A Florida woman used her baby to get away from police. Cops followed the 23- year-old out of a store after she stole some clothes. When the police confronted her, she threw her toddler at them. The child wasn't hurt, but the woman was arrested and charged with child abuse, petty theft and resisting arrest.

C) A California man who stole a bus. The shirtless man snatched the transit bus from a San Francisco station, and went for a 100 mile joy ride. Cops tracked the bus through the GPS and flattened the tires with spikes. He was arrested for reckless driving and grand theft.

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