Dad of woman killed at marathon told she was alive

Dad of woman killed in Boston bombings was told daughter alive at hospital after name mix-up

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 11:12am EDT

Off the 8s: Returning to running

I've been in a serious on-and-off-again relationship for 12 years. It's complicated.

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 09:19am EDT

Pressure cooker bombs used in past by militants

Al-Qaida branch in Yemen once issued a manual on how to build a pressure cooker bomb

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 08:50am EDT

Pentagon chief calls Boston attack 'act of terror'

Defense Secretary Hagel calls Boston bombings 'cruel act of terror'

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 08:40am EDT

From Boston to Bay Area, running tributes abound

From Boston to the Bay Area, runners show support for bombing victims _ by going out to run

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 08:26am EDT

Boston bombs raise worries for Olympics, World Cup

Boston Marathon bombings raise security fears for Olympics, World Cup and other events

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 08:25am EDT

Radio scans show Boston police, medic heroics

Emergency radio scans of first minutes of Boston bombings testify to police, medic heroics

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 05:46am EDT

In Boston bomb probe, who and why remain unknown

In aftermath of Boston bombing, 'who?' and 'why?' remain unanswered questions

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 05:26am EDT

Spring2Action Day offers donations to Boston (VIDEO)

Following the Boston Marathon bombings, people across the country are asking how they can help victims and the city of Boston recover.

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 05:07am EDT

In surveillance camera debate, safety vs. privacy come to head

Since the 2001 terror attacks, surveillance cameras on buildings, light fixtures and utility poles have popped up like mushrooms after a summer rain.

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 05:00am EDT

Boston Marathon bombs put world's cities on alert

Security around the world reassessed after deadly bombings at Boston Marathon

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 04:06am EDT

Pressure cooker bombs suspected in Boston blast

Boston bombing traced to pressure cookers packed with shrapnel; motive a mystery

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 02:38am EDT

Obama says America is strong and resilient

Obama says Boston bombings were cowardly acts that won't 'get in the way of our lives'

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 02:24am EDT

A look at the bombing at the Boston Marathon

A look at the bombing at the Boston Marathon and the search for suspects

Tuesday - 04/16/2013, 11:14pm EDT

Boston Marathon head: Race will go on in 2014

Boston Marathon organizers vowed to continue the race next year, calling the world's oldest and most prestigious annual marathon "a deeply held tradition (and) an integral part of the fabric and history of our community."

Tuesday - 04/16/2013, 10:36pm EDT

D.C. security increases on streets, Metro

Security in Washington-area transit and on the roadways is at a heightened level after the explosions in Boston.

Tuesday - 04/16/2013, 09:46pm EDT

Marathon bombing victim, 8, recalled as spirited

Neighbors recall Boston bombing victim as vivacious 8-year-old who loved to run, climb

Tuesday - 04/16/2013, 07:40pm EDT

Person briefed on probe: bombs in pressure cookers

Person briefed on probe: Boston explosives were in pressure cookers, hidden in duffel bags

Tuesday - 04/16/2013, 07:34pm EDT

Boston's beloved day, dissolved in chaos and tears

For Boston, a day of longstanding tradition and pride dissolves into chaos and tears

Tuesday - 04/16/2013, 06:22pm EDT

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood condemns Boston blasts

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood condemns Boston Marathon bombings, deems them 'sinful'

Tuesday - 04/16/2013, 05:59pm EDT
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