Chef responds to Trump’s D.C. restaurant lawsuit

A food fight continues between Donald Trump and chef José Andrés as he abandons their restaurant deal at the Old Post Office Pavilion in the District after the Republican presidential candidate made widely criticized comments on immigrants.

Trump sues José Andrés over Old Post Office restaurant deal | José Andrés says it’s now ‘impossible’ to open restaurant in Trump’s D.C. hotel | Donald Trump isn’t backing away from immigrant comments
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    The city of Brotherly Love certainly did not live up to its name as a Canadian robot making its way across country, depending on help from strangers, met his demise in Philadelphia, its creators say.

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Police ID suspect in killing of officer; manhunt underway

Tennessee police officials on Sunday identified a suspect in the fatal shooting of a Memphis police officer, and an intense search for the man is underway.

Zimbabwe accuses 2nd American of illegally hunting lion

Zimbabwe has accused a Pennsylvania doctor of illegally killing a lion in April, as it seeks to extradite a Minnesota dentist who killed a well-known lion named Cecil in July.

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D.C.’s reigning king of burgers offers his best tips on how to make the perfect patty. Careful: It might cause you to make more friends than you can feed at your next cookout.

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After snowball case melts, teen sues Detroit district over arrest

A teenager spent nearly 40 days in custody before a judge cleared him of throwing a dangerous snowball.

Report finds few signs of telework abuse at Patent and Trademark Office

A new report concludes that time-and-attendance fraud is neither widespread nor unique to teleworkers at the Patent and Trademark Office.

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