House, Senate committees advance highway aid plans

Plans to keep highway aid flowing to states advance in House, Senate as deadline looms

Friday - 07/11/2014, 10:44am EDT

Afghan aid is dropping, but how fast is too fast?

US aid to Afghanistan shrinking with military footprint; aid officials want gradual decline

Friday - 07/11/2014, 10:44am EDT

House GOP moves ahead on suing Obama

House Republicans move ahead on suing Obama, base lawsuit on health care mandate

Friday - 07/11/2014, 04:42am EDT

Faster deportations? A possible border crisis deal

Possible compromise emerges on border crisis as GOP pushes for deporting kids faster

Friday - 07/11/2014, 02:48am EDT

GOP lawmakers try to ease new curbs on ivory sales

GOP lawmakers work to block new Obama administration rules intended to curb ivory sales

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 07:50pm EDT

Sen. Portman: Could consider '16 presidential bid

Ohio Republican Sen. Portman says he could consider 2016 presidential run, but no plans yet

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 06:01pm EDT

No easy path to overturn Cochran victory in Miss.

Time and money could derail challenger's attempt to overturn Cochran GOP primary win in Miss.

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 05:42pm EDT

Senators block election-year bill aiding hunters

GOP, liberals derail Senate bill for hunters as popular measure falls to political maneuvering

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 05:08pm EDT

Ex-US Rep. Akin defends 'legitimate rape' remarks

Former Missouri congressman defends 'legitimate rape' remarks from 2012 campaign in new memoir

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 03:08pm EDT

Pelosi backs gay-rights bill despite concerns

Pelosi says she backs gay-rights bill despite concerns about exemption for religious groups

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 02:28pm EDT
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