Frequent flyer? These airlines are your best bet for booking

Frequent flyers looking to score some free airfare between now and October should know which airlines are best for redeeming awards - and which are the worst.

Friday - 05/18/2012, 09:41am EDT

What are the best cars for commuting?

With commutes in the region so long, selecting the right car can make all the difference.

Thursday - 05/17/2012, 03:13pm EDT

Money saving tips and debunking myths for your gas guzzler

You want to get the most mileage out of that pricey gallon of gas, but what's the best way to do it?

Wednesday - 05/16/2012, 05:25am EDT

5 money tips from savvy financial moms

Moms are on the front lines of doling out allowances and shaping their children's money habits.

Thursday - 05/10/2012, 06:03am EDT

Sick of Starbucks? These coffees pack a punch for just pennies

Remember the days when a cup of coffee cost just 11 cents? Well, those days may not be so far gone - if you're willing to brew your own.

Friday - 05/04/2012, 03:45am EDT

Pros and cons of gas reward programs

Kris Van Cleave, ABC7, 7-On-Your-Side

Tuesday - 05/01/2012, 03:43pm EDT


Dishwashing soap: It's not just for dishes anymore

Don't limit liquid dishwashing detergent to the kitchen. It can be useful all kinds of places around the house.

Tuesday - 05/01/2012, 01:15pm EDT

Home security systems don't have to cost a fortune

To have a home security system installed and monitored for three years Washington Consumers' Checkbook secret shoppers received estimates as low as $2,600 and as high as $6,500.

Friday - 04/27/2012, 07:45am EDT

How to get the most at the auto shop

The better you are able to describe your car troubles, the easier it will be for a mechanic to help solve your problem.

Tuesday - 04/24/2012, 07:49am EDT

Flying to a summer vacation doesn't have to be costly

WTOP's Veronica Robinson

Tuesday - 04/24/2012, 07:48am EDT


Tips for tackling a ballooning cellphone bill

Smartphones can pull off a growing number of high-tech tasks, but the cost of cellphone service is growing as well.

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 06:35am EDT

Tax Day Freebies

Tax Day has arrived, but it's no longer a day to dread. Many restaurants and shops are eager to treat tax-weary customers to freebies and deals, and WTOP put together a handy list for you. These offers are available Tuesday, April 17 only, unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 12:43pm EDT

Tax mistakes? There's a form for that (VIDEO)

It's a sinking feeling. You've done your taxes and they're in the mail and you realize you've made a mistake.

Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 08:03am EDT

Smart Spending: 8 ways to save at the movies

Hollywood wants your money.

Friday - 04/13/2012, 03:53am EDT

Credit card fees take a swipe at gas prices

There's more involved in rising gas prices than you might suspect.

Thursday - 04/12/2012, 09:33am EDT

NerdWallet makes flight fee comparison a cinch

Airfares can seem like they're roughly the same -- but hidden fees can lurk everywhere from baggage check to seat selection and even booking over the phone versus online.

Thursday - 04/12/2012, 07:07am EDT

Simple ways to stretch your food budget

The typical family tosses out $600 in food a year, but there are ways to keep a few of those dollars from disappearing.

Wednesday - 04/11/2012, 10:14am EDT

Time sensitive deals offer great discounts on travel

The U.S. Travel Association has a collection of discount offers on everything from theme parks to hotel stays and car rentals for cities near and far.

Tuesday - 04/10/2012, 11:44am EDT

Gas prices rise ahead of holidays

The latest WTOP Pain in the Gas survey shows the average price of a gallon of unleaded regular is up 4 cents to $4.11 over the past week. Compared to the same week a year ago, gas prices increased 29 cents.

Thursday - 04/05/2012, 05:58am EDT

Cleaning out your garage, then making some money with a yard sale

Peter Moore, Men's Health editor

Wednesday - 04/04/2012, 09:31pm EDT


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