Wing considered solid clue in hunt for MH370

A piece of a Boeing 777 that washed up on an island in the Western Indian Ocean is being treated as the first major lead into the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which vanished in March 2014 with 239 people on board. And the evidence is headed to France for analysis.

Relatives torn over possible 1st debris | Searcher: Debris find won't alter seabed search | Malaysia Airlines towelette found on Western Australia beach | No plane, many discoveries in yearlong search
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Details about the lion hunt that caused outrage across globe

The dentist condemned for killing a lion in Zimbabwe rare talked about his hunting with his patients because it's a a “divisive and emotionally charged topic.”

AP Investigation: Olympic teams to swim, boat in Rio’s filth

Athletes in next year’s Summer Olympics will be swimming and boating in waters so contaminated with human feces that they risk becoming violently ill and unable to compete in the games.

An app finds you the best-value wines in restaurants

Ordering a bottle of wine for the table to enjoy with dinner? That’s a task that is downright daunting for many diners. A new app can help save your taste buds and your wallet.

Need something fun to do? Try your local county fair

From Prince George’s to Loudoun counties, local fairs are great for family outings and quality bonding. Here’s a roundup of county and state fairs for you to enjoy.

At Tiger’s tourney, questions abound

With three missed cuts in eight tournaments this year, Tiger Woods has more to prove than usual as the host of his own tournament in the D.C. area this week.

Toyota robot can pick up after people, help the sick

HSR, short for “human support robot,” comes with a single mechanical arm that can grasp objects of various shapes and sizes and also pick up smaller items with a tiny suction cup.

Big cybersecurity challenge: Time-to-detection

The problem with most data breaches is that too often, IT and security staffs only find out about them long after the damage has been done, and the hackers have moved on to other soft targets.

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