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'Justice or Else' reprise of Million Man March on National Mall

Speaking Saturday afternoon, Louis Farrakhan urged the crowd to continue the push for police reform and changes in black communities. "A fearful people can’t be free. A fearful people will bow down, when it appears that the enemy is so strong and we are so weak,” he said.

Capitol Police criticized for 'race-baiting' warning about violence ahead of march | Looking back at Million Man March 1995 | Photo Gallery: 'Justice or Else' on the Mall
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"Lucky” Oregon shooting survivor shares story

The 18-year-old college student, singled out by the shooter as the “lucky one” to survive and deliver a package to law enforcement, has given a detailed account of the massacre in Roseburg, Oregon.

Danes OK with zoo’s plan to publicly dissect year-old lion

A zoo in Denmark is planning to publicly dissect a nine-month-old lion — a year after another park’s controversial decision to dissect and skin a giraffe and feed it to lions triggered massive online protests.

‘The Walk’ recreates daring 1974 Twin Towers stunt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Philippe Petit, who walked between the Twin Towers in 1974.

Cal Ripken Jr. weighs in on Nationals’ manager job

Would Ripken answer if the Washington Nationals came calling? “Everybody wants a phone call like that."

Is your password too short to be safe?

Today’s hacker technology guesses hundreds of millions of passwords per second, so people are advised to create codes at least 15 characters long.

Child care more expensive than rent in most cities

The cost of child care for two children exceeded rent in 500 out of 618 family budget areas, according to a new paper by the Economic Policy Institute.

Report: federal employees earn higher salaries

Retirement, benefits and pay were hot topics discussed by Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Bill Moran this week while speaking on the Navy’s All Hands Radio podcast.

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