China says Mercedes guilty of price abuses

China says Mercedes-Benz guilty of pricing abuses in spreading auto industry investigation

Monday - 08/18/2014, 12:04pm EDT

Twin protests suspend life in Pakistani capital

Twin protests in Pakistani capital seeking government's ouster bring life to standstill

Monday - 08/18/2014, 11:22am EDT

Indian poachers threaten lesser-known animals

India's wildlife under threat as illegal poaching threatens lesser-known animals

Monday - 08/18/2014, 11:10am EDT

Image of Asia: Celebrating Krishna's birthday

Image of Asia: Breaking the 'Dahi handi' to celebrate Krishna's birthday in Mumbai

Monday - 08/18/2014, 09:13am EDT

2 tourists still missing in Indonesia boat sinking

13 more people rescued but 2 foreign tourists still missing after boat sinks in Indonesia

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:44am EDT

180 dead as floods wash away homes in Nepal, India

Monsoon floods in Nepal and India cause 180 deaths, maroon villages, sweep away straw huts

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:43am EDT

Philippines protests Chinese 'sovereignty patrols'

Philippines protests China's 'sovereignty patrols' in South China Sea

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:21am EDT

Russian choppers in China for multinational drills

Russian choppers, troops to join in multinational drills in China despite Ukraine tensions

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:20am EDT

Japan looks into report Japanese detained in Syria

Japan government looks into reports of Japanese man detained in Syria, possibly by militants

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:19am EDT

Elderly ex-sex slaves want solace, help from pope

Elderly women sexually enslaved by Japan in WWII hope for solace, help from pope

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:15am EDT

AP PHOTOS: A look at the pope's visit to S. Korea

AP PHOTOS: A look at the pope's visit to S. Korea

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:14am EDT

Why global turmoil hasn't sunk US markets. Yet.

Why death, destruction and disease haven't sunk US markets. Yet.

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:14am EDT

Online sites shake up hidebound retailing in India

Online retail growing fast in India while big box rivals lose way in maze of restrictions

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:13am EDT

Mao's archenemy Chiang Kai-shek part of mainstream

Mao's enemy Chiang Kai-shek enters mainstream Chinese culture as useful anti-Japanese patriot

Monday - 08/18/2014, 12:10am EDT

Renewed fighting in Ukraine rattles stocks

Renewed conflict in Ukraine rattles financial markets; US bond prices rise

Sunday - 08/17/2014, 08:56pm EDT

UK police identify cargo stowaways as Afghan Sikhs

English police probing immigrant's death say 35 hidden in cargo container were Afghan Sikhs

Sunday - 08/17/2014, 03:50pm EDT

Pakistan politician calls for civil disobedience

Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician calls for civil disobedience at anti-government rally

Sunday - 08/17/2014, 03:24pm EDT

China panel fires adviser over Qualcomm tie

Chinese anti-monopoly panel fires adviser who worked on report for Qualcomm

Sunday - 08/17/2014, 02:30pm EDT

Tens of thousands stage Hong Kong pro-gov't rally

Hong Kong democracy battle escalates as pro-Beijing group holds mass rally against Occupy plan

Sunday - 08/17/2014, 12:03pm EDT

Indonesia boat with foreigners sinks; 15 missing

Boat carrying foreign tourists sinks in central Indonesia; 15 missing, 10 rescued

Sunday - 08/17/2014, 11:20am EDT
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