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Window shopping, with your phone

Thursday - 9/1/2011, 4:23am  ET

show Snapette (Courtesy of Snapette)
Snapette lets you browse and browse and browse. (Courtesy of Snapette)

Michelle Basch,

WASHINGTON -- A new iPhone app created by women, for women is like window shopping, with your phone.

If you're the type who likes to look around a bit before buying a new purse or a new pair of shoes, you might like the recently introduced free app called Snapette.

It describes itself as "The place for snap-happy fashionistas."

Users share photos of cool accessories, and you can browse what's new, what's popular and what you can buy near you. Sometimes there are even maps and directions.

You can "like" a product, leave a comment, follow other users and add your own photos.

What's also nice is you'll see both expensive items such as Chanel handbags and inexpensive ones such as items from retailer Forever 21.

With large photos that are easy to swipe through and no links enabling instant online purchases, the emphasis is clearly on browsing, not buying.

Check out more about Snapette in this YouTube video:

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