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Apps help doctors make diagnoses remotely

Wednesday - 4/27/2011, 7:58am  ET

UNDATED - Two apps designed just for doctors are giving physicians data that's almost in real time.

Mobil MIM and Airstrips Cardiology allow doctors to not only communicate with medics in the field but to see what they see, saving time and hopefully, lives.

Mobile MIM lets docs make medical diagnoses remotely after viewing PET, CT and MRI scans on their Apple devices.

The new Cardiology app from AirStrip Technologies gives doctors near real-time cardiac information.

"Viewing near real-time ECG data from any location, as well as a complete database of prior ECGs, is an incredibly powerful way to increase accuracy of diagnosis," says Mark Peterman, a cardiologist at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano, in a news release issued by AirStrip Technologies.

Doctors say instant images sent to their iPads can save time. For example, it could take 20 minutes to download images on this computers. With the apps, the time is just a minute or two.

The Wall Street Journal says smartphones held by 72 percent of physicians are redefining the house call.

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