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WTOP answer desk: What was the backup on Route 28 Tuesday morning?

Wednesday - 8/31/2011, 10:12am  ET

WASHINGTON - Whether it's construction or an accident, sometimes it feels like you never can catch a break on the roads. And if you were caught up in one backup Tuesday morning we've got some answers.

Drivers hate when it seems to take forever to get through a traffic light. That happened to commuters traveling through the light at Route 28 and New Braddock Road Tuesday morning. Our Jack Taylor was on top of it.

Taylor says in the southbound direction that traffic light has been short-timing


Joan Morris of VDOT says there was damage to a pedestrian signal. We don't know if it was hurricane related, but damage caused the signal to malfunction and signal that a pedestrian was pressing the button every time the traffic light changed.

It took 35 seconds away from motorists every time. Morris insists the problem has been fixed.

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