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How does Pepco handle customers with medical conditions?

Wednesday - 8/31/2011, 4:48am  ET

WASHINGTON - Pepco says the only "special restoration" list for its customers is those who have life support equipment in their homes. They register with the utility for a notification service each year.

Pepco spokesperson Bob Hainey says the list does not mean those with medical equipment are expedited for power restoration.

The emergency medical equipment notification program simply alerts patients that outages are likely. The system kicks in when maintenance is scheduled or when storms like Hurricane Irene occur.

"It's important that customers with special medical needs or their caregivers take responsibility to make arrangements ahead of time to prepare for potentially long-lasting interruptions in electrical services," Hainey says.

Every customer should consider a power contingency plan of action as important as batteries and a portable radio in the event of an outage, he advises.

Those with medical conditions should plan ahead for the possible loss of power.

Last Thursday, Pepco called the 1,500 customers on its emergency notification list to tell them to put their contingency plans into effect.

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